Aberconway, Barons, [McLaren]
Abercorn, Dukes of, [Hamilton]
Abercromby, Baronets
Aberdeen and Temair, Marquesses of
Agnew of Clendry, Baronets, [1957]
Agnew of Lochnaw, Baronets, [1629]
Ailsa, Marquesses of, [Kennedy]
Ainsworth, Baronets
Airlie, Earls of, [Ogilvy]
Ancaster, Earls of, [Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby]
Anstruther, Baronets
Arbuthnot, Baronets, [1823]
Arbuthnot, Baronets, [1964]
Arbuthnott, Viscounts of
Argyll, Dukes of, [Campbell]
Atholl, Dukes of, [Murray]
Baillie, Baronets
Baird, Baronets, [1695]
Baird, Baronets, [1809]
Balerno, Barons, [Buchanan-Smith]
Balfour, Earls of
Balfour of Burleigh, Lords, [Bruce]
Ballantrae, Barons, [Fergusson]
Bannerman, Baronets
Barclay, Baronets
Barry, Baronets
Belhaven and Stenton, Lords, [Hamilton]
Bethune, Baronets
Biddulph, Barons
Birkmyre, Baronets
Blane, Baronets (extinct)
Bolton, Baronets
Borthwick, Lords (dormant)
Borthwick, Baronets
Borthwick of Borthwick
Boyd-Orr, Barons (extinct)
Breadalbane and Holland, Earls of, [Campbell]
Brewis of Norton Grove
Broun, Baronets
Bruce, Baronets
Bruntisfield, Barons, [Warrender]
Buccleuch and Queensberry, Dukes of, [Montagu Douglas Scott]
Buchan, Earls of, [Erskine]
Buchan-Hepburn, Baronets
Buchanan, Baronets
Buchanan-Jardine, Baronets
Burnett, Baronets (dormant)
Bute, Marquesses of, [Crichton-Stuart]
Caird, Baronets (extinct)
Caithness, Earls of, [Sinclair]
Campbell, Baronets, [1668]
Campbell, Baronets, [1808]
Campbell, Baronets, [1831]
Campbell, Baronets, [1913]
Campbell, Baronets (extinct), [1939]
Campbell of Croy, Barons
Campbell of Eskan, Barons
Carmichael-Anstruther, Baronets
Carnock, Barons, [Nicolson]
Carrick-Buchanan of Drumpellier and Corsewall
Cathcart, Earls
Catto, Barons
Cawdor, Earls, [Campbell]
Cayzer, Baronets
Cheyne, Baronets
Chilston, Viscounts, [Akers-Douglas]
Christison, Baronets
Clark, Baronets
Clerk, Baronets
Clydesmuir, Barons, [Colville]
Coats, Baronets
Cochrane of Cults, Barons
Cockburn-Campbell, Baronets
Colquhoun, Baronets
Colville of Culross, Viscounts
Colyer-Fergusson, Baronets
Craigmyle, Barons, [Shaw]
Craik, Baronets (extinct)
Crawford and Balcarres, Earls of, [Lindsay]
Cromartie, Earls of, [Mackenzie]
Cross, Baronets (extinct)
Cuninghame, Baronets
Cunynghame, Baronets
Dalhousie, Earls of, [Ramsay]
Dalrymple, Baronets (extinct)
Dalrymple-Hay, Baronets
Dalrymple-White, Baronets
Dalyell, Baronets
Denny, Baronets
Dick-Cunyngham, Baronets (extinct)
Dick-Lauder, Baronets
Donnet of Balgay, Barons
Douglas, Baronets
Drummond, Baronets (extinct)
Duff-Gordon, Baronets
Dulverton, Barons, [Wills]
Dunbar, Baronets, [1694]
Dunbar, Baronets, [1698]
Dunbar, Baronets, [1706]
Dundas, Baronets, [1821]
Dundas, Baronets (extinct), [1898]
Dundee, Earls of, [Scrymgeour-Wedderburn]
Dundonald, Earls of, [Cochrane]
Dunlop, Baronets
Dunmore, Earls of, [Murray]
Dunrossil, Viscounts, [Morrison]
Dysart, Earls of, [Greaves]
Echlin, Baron von
Echlin, Baronets, [1721]
Edmonstone, Baronets
Eglinton and Winton, Earls of, [Montgomerie]
Elgin and Kincardine, Earls of, [Bruce]
Elibank, Lords, [Erskine-Murray]
Eliott, Baronets
Elliot of Harwood, Barons
Elphinston, Baronets
Elphinstone, Lords
Elphinstone, Baronets, [1816]
Elphinstone-Dalrymple, Baronets (extinct)
Erroll, Earls of, [Hay]
Erroll of Hale, Barons
Erskine, Baronets
Erskine of Rerrick, Barons
Erskine-Hill, Baronets
Fairfax of Cameron, Lords
Fairlie-Cuninghame, Baronets
Falconer of Halkerton, Lords (dormant)
Faringdon, Barons, [Henderson]
Fergusson, Baronets
Ferrier, Barons, [Noel-Paton]
Fife, Dukes of, [Carnegie]
Findlay, Baronets
Finlay, Viscounts (extinct)
Forbes, Baronets, [1630]
Forbes, Baronets, [1823]
Forbes, Lords
Forbes-Leith of Fyvie, Baronets
Ford, Baronets
Forres, Barons, [Williamson]
Forteviot, Barons, [Dewar]
Fowler, Baronets (extinct)
Fraser, Baronets, [1806]
Fraser, Baronets, [1943]
Fraser of Allander, Barons
Fraser of Tullybelton, Barons
Freeman, Baronets
Galloway, Earls of, [Stewart]
Gibson-Craig-Carmichael, Baronets
Gilmour, Baronets, [1897]
Gilmour, Baronets, [1926]
Gladstone, Baronets
Glasgow, Earls of, [Boyle]
Glen-Coats, Baronets (extinct)
Glenarthur, Barons, [Arthur]
Glenconner, Barons, [Tennant]
Glendyne, Barons, [Nivison]
Glenkinglas, Barons, [Noble]
Glentanar, Barons (extinct), [Coats]
Gordon, Baronets (dormant), [1631]
Gordon, Baronets, [1706]
Gough, Viscounts
Graham, Baronets
Grant, Baronets, [1688]
Grant, Baronets, [1705]
Grant, Baronets (extinct), [1926]
Grant-Suttie, Baronets
Granville, Earls, [Leveson-Gower]
Gray, Lords, [Campbell-Gray]
Grierson, Baronets
Guest, Barons
Haddington, Earls of, [Baillie-Hamilton]
Hagart-Alexander, Baronets
Haig, Earls
Hall, Baronets, [1687]
Hamilton, Baronets, [1646]
Hamilton and Brandon, Dukes of, [Douglas-Hamilton]
Hamilton-Dalrymple, Baronets
Harvie-Watt, Baronets
Hay, Baronets (dormant), [1635]
Hay, Baronets, [1663]
Henderson-Stewart, Baronets
Heron-Maxwell, Baronets
Home, Baronets
Home-Purves-Hume-Campbell, Baronets (extinct)
Hope, Baronets, [1628]
Hope, Baronets, [1932]
Hope-Dunbar, Baronets
Houldsworth, Baronets
Hunter Blair, Baronets
Hutchison, Baronets (extinct)
Inglefield-Watson, Baronets
Ingles, Baronets, [Mackenzie]
Innes, Baronets, [1628]
Innes, Baronets, [1686]
Jardine, Baronets
Johnson-Ferguson, Baronets
Johnston, Baronets, [1626]
Johnstone, Baronets, [1700]
King, Baronets, [1888]
Kinloch, Baronets, [1686]
Kinloch, Baronets, [1873]
Kirkpatrick, Baronets
Leslie, Baronets (dormant), [1625]
Leslie, Baronets, [1876]
Lindsay, Baronets
Liston-Foulis, Baronets
Lithgow, Baronets
Lloyd, Baronets
Lowson, Baronets
Lyle, Baronets
Mac Gregor of Mac Gregor, Baronets
Macara, Baronets
Macgregor, Baronets
Mackenzie, Baronets, [1673]
Mackenzie, Baronets, [1703]
Mackenzie, Baronets, [1890]
Maclean, Baronets
Macpherson-Grant, Baronets
MacTaggart-Stewart, Baronets (extinct)
Maitland, Baronets
Makgill, Baronets
Malcolm, Baronets
Matheson, Baronets
Maxwell, Baronets, [1681]
Maxwell, Baronets (extinct), [1804]
McAlpine, Baronets
McCowan, Baronets
McEwen, Baronets
McLintock, Baronets
Miller, Baronets
Mitchell, Baronets
Moncreiffe of that Ilk, Baronets
Montgomery, Baronets
Moore of Kyleburn, Baronets (extinct), [1956]
Morrison-Low, Baronets
Muir Mackenzie, Baronets
Muir of Deanston, Baronets, [1892]
Munro of Foulis-Obsdale, Baronets, [1634]
Munro of Lindertis, Baronets, [1825]
Munro-Lucas-Tooth, Baronets
Murray of Blackbarony, Baronets, [1628]
Murray of Dunerne, Baronets, [1630]
Murray of Ochtertyre, Baronets, [1673]
Nairn of Rankeilour, Collessie, and Dysart House, Baronets
Nairne of Kirkcudbright, Baronets (extinct), [1917]
Nicolson of that Ilk, and of Lasswade, Baronets (dormant)
Noble of Ardkinglas, Baronets, [1923]
Noble of Ardmore, Baronets, [1902]
Norie-Miller, Baronets
Ogilvy of Inverquharty, Baronets, [1626]
Ogilvy-Wedderburn, Baronets
Orr Ewing, Baronets
Pasley, Baronets
Primrose, Baronets
Pringle, Baronets
Raeburn, Baronets
Ramsay of Balmain, Baronets, [1806]
Ramsay of Bamff, Baronets, [1666]
Ramsay-Fairfax-Lucy, Baronets
Ramsay-Steel-Maitland, Baronets (extinct)
Reid of Ellon, Baronets, [1897]
Reid of Springburn, Baronets, [1922]
Riddell, Baronets
Scott of Dunninald, Baronets, [1806]
Seale, Baronets
Seton of Abercorn, Baronets, [1663]
Seton of Pitmedden, Baronets, [1683]
Shaw-Stewart, Baronets
Sinclair of Dunbeath, Baronets, [1704]
Sinclair-Lockhart, Baronets
Smiley, Baronets
Smith of Crowmallie, Baronets, [1945]
Snadden, Baronets
Spencer-Nairn, Baronets
Sprot, Baronets (extinct)
Steel of Philiphaugh, Baronets
Stewart of Balgownie, Baronets, [1920]
Stewart of Fingask, Baronets, [1920]
Stewart of Strathgarry, Baronets, [1960]
Stewart-Clark, Baronets
Stewart-Richardson, Baronets
Stirling of Glorat, Baronets (dormant), [1666]
Stirling-Hamilton, Baronets
Stirling-Maxwell, Baronets (dormant)
Stuart-Forbes, Baronets
Stuart-Menteth, Baronets
Sykes of Kingsknowes, Baronets, [1921]
Thomson of Glendarroch, Baronets, [1929]
Turing, Baronets
Usher of Norton, and of Wells, Baronets, [1899]
Wardlaw, Baronets
Wilson of Airdrie, Baronets, [1906]
Wilson of Carbeth, Baronets, [1920]
Wingate, Baronets
Young of Partick, Baronets, [1945]
Younger of Auchen Castle, Baronets, [1911]
Younger of Fountainbridge, Baronets, [1964]