Abadam of Middleton Hall
Abdy, Baronets
Abercromby, Barons (extinct)
Aberdare, Barons, [Bruce]
Abergavenny, Marquesses, [Neville]
Abingdon and Lindsey, Earls, [Bertie]
Abinger, Barons, [Scarlett]
Abney of Measham Hall
Ackers of Moreton Hall
Ackers of Prinknash Park
Ackroyd, Baronets
Acland of Columb-John, Baronets, [1678]
Acland of St. Mary Magdalen, Baronets, [1890]
Acton, Barons
Acton of Gatacre Park
Acton of Wolverton
Adair, Baronets
Adair of Bellegrove
Adair of Heatherton Park
Adam of Blair Adam
Adam of Hankelow Court, Baronets
Adams, Barons
Adams of Ansty
Adams of Bowdon
Adams of Hollyland
Adderley of Barlaston and Coton
Adderley of Hams Hall
Addington, Barons, [Hubbard]
Addison, Viscounts
Adeane of Babraham
Adlington of Holm Hale Hall
Affleck, Baronets (extinct)
Agnew, Baronets, [1895]
Ailesbury, Marquesses, [Brudenell-Bruce]
Ailwyn, Barons, [Fellowes]
Ainsworth, Baronets
Ainsworth of Smithills Hall
Aird, Baronets
Airedale, Barons, [Kitson]
Aitchison, Baronets
Aitken, Baronets
Akers of Malling Abbey
Akroyd of Bank Field
Alanbrooke, Viscounts, [Brooke]
Albemarle, Earls, [Keppel]
Albu, Baronets
Aldam of Frickley Hall
Aldenham and Hunsdon, Barons, [Gibbs]
Aldersey of Aldersey
Aldridge of St. Leonard's
Alexander, Baronets, [1809]
Alexander of Boydstone
Alexander of Edgehill, Baronets, [1921]
Alexander of Sundridge Park, Baronets
Alexander of Tunis, Earls
Alexander of Westerton
Alington, Barons (extinct), [Sturt]
Alington of Swinhope
Alison, Baronets
Allan of Blackwell
Allen, Baronets (extinct)
Allen of Bicton
Allen of Clifford Priory
Allen of Cresselly
Allen of Hurtwood, Barons (extinct)
Allen of Inchmartine
Allen of The Rhyd
Allenby, Viscounts
Allendale, Viscounts, [Beaumont]
Allerton, Barons, [Jackson]
Alleyne, Baronets
Allfrey of Wokefield Park
Allgood of Nunwick
Allix of Swaffham House
Allix of Willoughby
Allott of Hague Hall
Alloway of The Derries
Allsopp of Hindlip Hall
Alness, Barons, [Munro]
Alston of Elmdon Hall
Alston of Odell Castle
Althorp, Viscounts, [Spencer]
Altrincham, Barons, [Grigg]
Alverstone, Viscounts (extinct), [Webster]
Alvingham, Barons, [Yerburgh]
Amcotts of Kettlethorpe and Hackthorne
Ames of Linden
Ames of The Hyde
Amherst, Earls
Amherst of Field Gate House
Amherst of Hackney, Barons
Amhurst of Amhurst and Didlington Hall
Ammon, Barons
Amory of Bolham House
Amphlett of Clent House
Ampthill, Barons, [Russell]
Amulree, Barons, [Mackenzie]
Amwell, Barons, [Montague]
Anderson, Baronets (extinct), [1660]
Anderson, Baronets (extinct), [1911]
Anderson, Baronets (extinct), [1919]
Anderson of Harrold Priory, Baronets
Anderton of Euxton
Andrews, Baronets (extinct)
Angerstein of Woodlands
Anglesey, Marquesses, [Paget]
Annaly, Barons, [White]
Annesley, Earls
Anson, Baronets
Anstruther of Balcaskie, Baronets
Anstruther of Hintlesham Hall
Antrim, Earls, [McDonnell]
Antrobus, Baronets
Antrobus of Eaton Hall
Arabin of Beech Hill Park
Arbuthnot, Baronets
Arcedeckne of Glevering Hall
Archbold of Davidstown
Archdale, Baronets
Archer of Trelaske
Archibald, Barons
Archibald of Rusland Hall
Arden of Longcrofts
Arden of Sunbury
Ardilaun, Barons, [Guinness]
Arkwright of Hampton Court
Arkwright of Mark Hall
Arkwright of Sutton Scarsdale
Arkwright of Willersley
Armitage of Atherdee, Coole, and Drumin
Armitage of Milnsbridge House
Armitstead, Barons
Armstrong, Barons, [Watson]
Armstrong, Baronets (extinct), [1892]
Armstrong of Castle Iver
Armstrong of Gallen, Baronets
Armstrong of Hemsworth
Armstrong of Willow Bank
Armytage, Baronets
Arnold of Ashby St. Ledgers
Arnott, Baronets
Arran, Earls, [Gore]
Arthur, Baronets, [1837]
Arthur, Baronets, [1903]
Arthur of Upper Canada, Baronets
Arundell of Wardour, Barons (extinct)
Ashbourne, Barons, [Gibson]
Ashbrook, Viscounts, [Flower]
Ashburne, Barons
Ashburnham, Earls (extinct)
Ashburnham, Baronets
Ashburton, Barons, [Baring]
Ashby of Naseby
Ashby of Quenby
Ashcombe, Barons, [Cubitt]
Ashe of Langley
Ashfield, Barons (extinct), [Stanley]
Ashhurst of Waterstock
Ashman, Baronets (extinct)
Ashton, Barons (extinct), [Williamson]
Ashton of Hatfield
Ashton of Hyde, Barons
Ashtown, Barons, [Trench]
Ashworth of Ashworth, Elland, and Hall Carr
Aske, Baronets
Askew of Conishead Priory
Askew of Pallinsburn
Askwith, Barons (extinct)
Aspinall of Standen Hall
Assheton of Downham, Baronets
Assheton of Downham and Cuerdale
Astell of Woodbury Hall
Astley of Ansley Park
Astley of Dukinfield Lodge
Astley-Corbett, Baronets
Astor, Viscounts
Atcherley of Marton
Atcherley of Northbrook House
Athlone, Earls, [Teck]
Athlumney, Barons, [Somerville]
Atholstan, Barons (extinct), [Graham]
Athorpe of Dinnington
Atkin, Barons (extinct)
Atkins of Firville
Atkins of Waterpark
Atkins-Bowyer of Steeple Aston
Atkinson, Barons (extinct), [1905]
Atkinson of Angerton
Atkinson of Lorbottle
Atkinson of Morland
Atkinson of Rehins
Atthill of Brandiston Hall
Atty of Rugby
Attye of Ingon Grange
Aubrey-Fletcher, Baronets
Auckland, Barons, [Eden]
Audley, Barons, [Tuchet-Jesson]
Aufrere of Foulsham
Austen of Capel Manor
Austen of Shalford
Austin, Baronets
Austin, Barons (extinct)
Austin of Brandeston Hall
Avebury, Barons, [Lubbock]
Avery, Baronets (extinct)
Avonmore, Viscounts (extinct), [Yelverton]
Awdry of Notton
Awdry of Seend
Aykroyd of Birstwith Hall, Baronets
Aykroyd of Lightcliffe, Baronets
Aylesford, Earls, [Finch]
Aylmer, Barons, [and Baronets]
Aylmer of Walworth Castle
Aylwen, Baronets
Aytoun of Inchdairnie
Babington of Rothley Temple
Backhouse, Baronets
Bacon, Baronets
Baddeley, Baronets
Bagge, Baronets
Bagot, Barons
Bagot of Elford House
Bagot of Kilcoursey
Bagot of Pipe Hayes
Bagshawe of the Oaks and Wormhill
Baikie of Tankerness
Bailey, Baronets
Bailey of Nant-y-Glo
Baillie, Baronets
Baillie of Dochfour
Baillie of Leys
Baillie of Redcastle
Baillieu, Barons
Baily of Hall Place
Bain of Livelands
Bainbrigge of Lockington and Derby
Baird of Auchmedden
Baird of Closeburn
Baird of Elie
Baird of Newbyth, Baronets
Baird of Saughton, Baronets
Baird of Stichill
Baird of Urie, Baronets
Baird of Ury
Baker of Bayfordbury
Baker of Elemore Hall and Crook Hall
Baker of Hardwick Court
Baker of Hasfield Court
Baker of Ranston, Baronets
Baker of West Hay
Baldwin of Bewdley, Earls
Balfour, Baronets (extinct)
Balfour of Balbirnie
Balfour of Balfour
Balfour of Fernie Castle
Balfour of Inchrye, Barons
Balfour of Whittinghame
Balfour-Ogilvy of Tannadice and Balgillo
Balguy of Duffield
Ball, Baronets
Ball of Burwell
Balme of Cote Wall and High Close
Banbury of Southam, Barons
Band of Wookey House
Bandon, Earls, [Bernard]
Bangor, Viscounts, [Ward]
Bankes of Corfe Castle
Bankes of Winstanley Hall, &c.
Bannerman, Baronets
Bantry, Earls (extinct), [Hedges-White]
Barbour, Baronets (extinct)
Barbour of Barlay
Barbour of Bolesworth Castle
Barchard of Horsted
Barclay, Baronets
Barclay of Leyton
Barclay of Mathers and Urie
Barham of Trecwn
Baring, Baronets
Baring of Oakwood, &c.
Barker of Fairford Park
Barker of Stanlake Park
Barling, Baronets (extinct)
Barlow of Bradwall Hall, Baronets
Barlow of Fort William, Baronets
Barlow of London, Baronets
Barnard, Barons, [Vane]
Barnard of Bartlow
Barnard of Cave Castle
Barnardiston of The Ryes
Barnby, Barons, [Willey]
Barne of Sotterley and Dunwich
Barneby-Lutley of Brockhampton
Barnett of Glympton Park
Barnett of Stratton Park
Barnewall, Baronets
Barnewall of Bloomsbury
Barnston of Crewe Hill
Barnwell of Mileham
Baron, Baronets (extinct)
Barran, Baronets
Barrett of Milton House
Barrett-Lennard, Baronets
Barrington, Viscounts, [Shute]
Barrington, Baronets, [1831]
Barron, Baronets (extinct)
Barron of Carig Barron
Barron of Glenview
Barrow, Baronets
Barrow of Ringwood Hall
Barry, Baronets
Barry of Ballyedmond
Barrymore, Barons (extinct), [Barry]
Bartlett, Baronets
Barton of Clonelly
Barton of Glendalough
Barton of Stapleton Park
Barton of Threxton House
Barttelot, Baronets
Barttlelot of Stopham
Barwis of Langrigg Hall
Basing, Barons, [Sclater-Booth]
Baskerville of Crowsley Park
Bass, Baronets (extinct)
Bass of Rangemore
Basset of Beaupré
Basset of Tehidy
Basset of Watermouth
Bassett of Bonvilstone
Bastard of Charlton Marshall
Bastard of Kitley
Bateman, Barons (extinct), [Hanbury]
Bateman of Bartholey House
Bateman of Biddulph Grange and Knypersley Hall
Bateman of Guilsborough
Bateman of Hartington Hall and Breadsall Mount
Bateman of Middleton Hall
Bates of Gyrn Castle, Baronets
Bates of Magherabuoy, Baronets
Bates of Milbourne
Bath, Marquesses, [Thynne]
Batho, Baronets
Bathurst, Earls
Bathurst of Lydney Park
Batson of Horseheath
Batt of Purdysburn and Ozier Hill
Batten of Upcerne
Battersby of Ashgrove and Lislin
Battersea, Barons, [Flower]
Batty of Ballyhealy
Battye of Crossland Hill and Skelton Hall
Baumgartner of Godmanchester
Bayford, Barons (extinct), [Sanders]
Bayly of Debsborough
Baynes, Baronets
Bazley, Baronets
Beach of Oakley Hall
Beadnell of Cynhinfa
Beale of Heath House
Bearcroft of Meer Hall
Beardmore of Uplands
Bearsted, Viscounts, [Samuel]
Beatty, Earls
Beauchamp, Earls, [Lygon]
Beauchamp of Grosvenor Place, Baronets
Beauchamp of Woodborough, Baronets
Beauclerk of Ardglass Castle
Beaufort, Dukes, [Somerset]
Beauman of Hyde Park
Beaumont, Barons, [Stapleton]
Beaumont, Baronets, [1657]
Beaumont Beckwith of Thurcroft and Trimdon
Beaumont of Barrow-upon-Trent
Beaumont of Bretton
Beaumont of Buckland Court
Beaumont of Whitley Beaumont
Beaverbrook, Barons, [Aitken]
Beckett, Baronets
Bedford, Dukes, [Russell]
Bedingfeld of Ditchingham
Beech of Brandon Lodge
Beecham, Baronets
Beecroft of Kirkstall
Beevor, Baronets
Beit, Baronets
Belgrave of Preston Hall
Bell, Baronets (extinct), [1895]
Bell, Baronets (extinct), [1908]
Bell of Bourne Park
Bell of Glasgow, Baronets
Bell of Melling Hall
Bell of Mynthurst, Baronets
Bell of Rounton Grange, Baronets
Bell of Thirsk
Bell of Woolsington
Bellairs of Deeping Fen
Bellew, Barons
Bellewe of Stockleigh Court
Bellingham, Baronets
Belmore, Earls, [Lowry-Corry]
Belper, Barons, [Strutt]
Belstead, Barons, [Ganzoni]
Bence of Thorington Hall
Bender (Bainter)
Bendyshe of Barrington
Benett of Pythouse
Bengough of The Ridge
Benn of Old Knoll, Baronets
Benn of Rollesby, Baronets
Bennett, Baronets, [1929]
Bennett of Bennett's Court
Bennett of Cadbury
Bennett of Edgbaston, Barons
Bennett of Faringdon House
Bennett of Rougham Hall
Bennett of Sparkford Hall
Bennett of Thorpe Place
Bennitt of Stourton Hall
Benson of Lutwyche Hall
Bentinck of Terrington St. Clement
Bentley of Birch House
Bentley of West House and Finningley Park
Benyon of Englefield
Bere of Morebath
Bere of Skilgate
Berens of Kevington
Beresford-Peirse, Baronets
Berington of Little Malvern Court
Berkeley, Earls, [and Barons]
Berkeley of Cotheridge
Berkeley of Spetchley
Bernard, Baronets (extinct)
Bernard, Baronets, [1954]
Berners, Barons, [Wilson]
Berners of Woolverstone Park
Berney, Baronets
Berney of Morton Hall
Bertie of Thame, Viscounts (extinct)
Berwick, Barons (extinct), [Noel-Hill]
Bessborough, Earls, [Ponsonby]
Best of Boxley
Best of Donnington
Best of Eastbury House
Beswick of Gristhorpe
Bethell of Rise
Bethune of Blebo
Betton of Great Berwick
Betts of Preston Hall
Betts of Wortham
Bevan of Fosbury and Trent Park
Beveridge, Barons
Beverley of Beverley
Bewicke of Close House
Bewicke of Hallaton
Beynon, Baronets (extinct)
Bicester, Barons, [Smith]
Biddulph, Baronets (extinct)
Biddulph of Burton
Biddulph of Chirk Castle
Biddulph of Ledbury
Bigge of The Mote
Biggs of Stockton
Bigland of Bigland
Bingham, Baronets (extinct)
Bingham of Melcombe Bingham
Bingley, Barons (extinct), [Lane-Fox]
Birchenough, Baronets (extinct)
Birdwood, Barons
Birkbeck, Baronets
Birkenhead, Earls, [Smith]
Birkin, Baronets
Birley of Lancashire
Biscoe of Holton Park
Bisschopp, Baronets (extinct)
Blaauw of Beechland
Blackburne of Hale
Blacker of Carrick Blacker
Blackett, Baronets
Blackett of Wylam
Blackford, Barons, [Mason]
Blackwood, Baronets
Blagrave of Calcot Park
Blair, Baronets
Blair of Blair
Blair-Imrie of Lunan
Blake of Cregg Castle
Blake of Danesbury
Blake of Horstead
Blake of Kiltullagh and Frenchfort
Blake of Langham, Baronets
Blake of Menlough, Baronets
Blake of Tillmouth, Baronets
Blaker, Baronets
Blakiston, Baronets
Bland of Kippax Park
Blane, Baronets
Blantyre, Barons (extinct)
Blathwayt of Dyrham Park
Bledisloe, Viscounts, [Bathurst]
Blencowe of Blencowe and Thoby Priory
Blencowe of Marston St. Lawrence
Blencowe of The Hooke
Blenkinsopp of Hoppyland Park
Blennerhassett, Baronets
Bliss of Brandon Park, Barons, [Aldridge]
Blofeld of Hoveton House
Blois, Baronets
Blomefield, Baronets
Blommart of Willett House
Blount, Baronets
Blount of Maple-Durham
Blount of Orleton
Blundell of Crosby
Blunden, Baronets
Blunt, Baronets
Blunt of Kempshott Park
Blunt of Wallop House
Blyth, Barons
Blythswood, Barons (extinct), [Campbell]
Boddam of Kirklington Hall
Bodenham of Rotherwas
Bodychan-Sparrow of Red Hill and Bodychan
Boehm, Baronets
Boger of Wolsdon
Boileau, Baronets
Bolden of Hyning
Boldero of White House
Boles, Baronets
Bolger of Ballinabarna
Bolingbroke, Viscounts, [St. John]
Bolitho of Penalverne
Bolton, Barons, [Orde-Powlett]
Bolton, Baronets, [1927]
Bolton of Bective Abbey
Bond of Grange
Bonham, Baronets
Bonham-Carter of Adhurst St. Mary's
Bonnor-Maurice of Bodynfoel
Bonsall of Fronfraith
Bonsall of Glanrheidol
Bonsor, Baronets
Booker of Velindra
Boord, Baronets
Booth, Baronets
Booth of Glendon Hall
Boothby, Baronets
Boreel, Baronets
Borough of Hulland and Chetwynd Park
Borrer of Henfield
Borrowes, Baronets (extinct)
Borthwick of Crookston and Borthwick Castle
Borwick, Barons
Bosanquet of Forest House
Bossom, Baronets
Boston, Barons, [Irby]
Bosvile of Ravenfield
Boswell of Iver
Boswell-Williams of Crawley Grange
Boteler of Eastry
Bott of Coton Hill
Boucherett of Willingham
Boughey, Baronets
Boughton, Baronets
Boultbee of Springfield
Boulton of Braxted Park, Baronets
Boulton of Copped Hall, Baronets
Bourne, Baronets (extinct)
Bourne of Hackinsall
Bourne of Hilderstone Hall
Bourne of Testwood
Bourne of Wyersdale and Stalmine
Bouverie of Delapré Abbey
Bowater of Friston, Baronets
Bowater of Hill Crest, Baronets
Bowden, Baronets
Bowdon of Southgate and Beightonfields
Bowen, Barons (extinct)
Bowen, Baronets, [1921]
Bowen of Camrose
Bowen of Courtwood
Bowen of Llwyngwair
Bower, Baronets (extinct)
Bower of Broxholme
Bower of Iwerne House
Bower of Welham
Bowes of Streatlam Castle
Bowlby, Baronets
Bowles of Enfield
Bowles of Milton House
Bowles of North Aston
Bowman, Baronets
Bowring of Claremont
Bowyer, Baronets
Bowyer-Smijth, Baronets
Boxall, Baronets (extinct)
Boxwell of Hermitage
Boxwell of Sarshill
Boycott of Rudge
Boyd, Baronets (extinct)
Boyd of Merton Hall
Boyd of Rosslare
Boyle, Baronets
Boyle of Shewalton
Boyne, Viscounts, [Hamilton-Russell]
Boynton, Baronets
Brabazon of Brabazon Park
Brabazon of Mornington
Brabourne, Barons, [Knatchbull]
Bracebridge of Atherstone Hall
Bracebridge of Morville
Brackenbury of Scremby Hall
Brackenbury of Skendleby House
Braddon of Skisdon Lodge
Braddon of Treglith
Bradford, Earls, [Bridgeman]
Bradford, Baronets, [1902]
Bradshaw of Barton
Bradstreet, Baronets (extinct)
Brady, Baronets (extinct)
Brady of Myshall Lodge
Brampton, Barons, [Hawkins]
Bramston of Skreens
Bramwell, Baronets (extinct)
Brandreth of Houghton
Branfill of Upminster Hall
Brassey, Earls (extinct)
Bray of Langford Hill
Bray of Shere
Braybrooke, Barons, [Neville]
Braye, Barons, [Verney-Cave]
Brereton of Brinton
Bridger of Buckingham House
Bridges, Baronets (extinct)
Bridport, Viscounts, [Hood]
Briggs, Baronets (extinct)
Briggs of Hilton Castle
Brinckman, Baronets
Brisbane of Brisbane
Brisco, Baronets
Briscoe of Fox Hills
Briscoe of Melbourne Hall
Briscoe of Tinvane
Bristol, Marquesses, [Hervey]
Bristow of Broxmore Park
Bristowe of Beesthorpe Hall
Broadbent, Baronets
Broade of Fenton Vivian
Broadhurst of Foston
Broadmead of Olands
Broadwood of Holmbush
Broadwood of Lyne
Brock of Pensax
Brocket of Spains Hall
Brockholes of Claughton
Brocklebank, Baronets
Brocklehurst, Baronets
Brocklehurst of Hurdsfield
Brockman of Beachborough
Brodie, Baronets
Brodie of Brodie
Brodie of Eastbourne
Brodie of Lethen
Brome of Salop, Herts, and Kent
Bromhead, Baronets
Bromley-Wilson, Baronets
Brooke of Armitage Bridge, Baronets
Brooke of Church Minshull
Brooke of Colebrooke, Baronets
Brooke of Handford
Brooke of Haughton Hall
Brooke of Hinton Abbey
Brooke of Mere
Brooke of Norton Priory, Baronets
Brooke of Sibton Park
Brooke of Ufford Place
Brooke-Pechell, Baronets
Brooks, Baronets (extinct)
Brooks of Barlow Hall
Brooks of Flitwick
Brougham, Barons
Broughton, Baronets
Broughton of Tunstall
Broun, Baronets
Brouncker of Boveridge
Brown, Baronets, [1863]
Brown, Baronets, [1903]
Brown of Kingston Blount
Brown of Mount Brown
Brown of Rossington and Copgrove
Brown of Unthank Hall
Brown of Woodthorpe Hall
Brown-Morison of Finderlie, West Errol, and Coupar Grange
Browne of Ballinvoher
Browne of Bronwylfa
Browne of Browne Hall
Browne of Browne's Hill
Browne of Caughley
Browne of Elsing Hall
Browne of Higham Hall
Browne of Janeville, [of St. John's Point]
Browne of Mellington Hall
Browne of Monkton Farleigh
Browne of Morley Hall
Browne of Mount Kelly
Browne of Raheens
Browne of Salperton
Browne of Tallantire Hall
Brownfield of Barlaston Hall
Brownlow, Earls, [Cust]
Brownrigg, Baronets
Bruce of Downhill, Baronets
Bruce of Kennet
Bruce of Kinnaird
Bruce of Stenhouse, Baronets
Bruges of Seend
Brunner, Baronets
Brunwin of Bradwell
Buchan of Auchmacoy
Buchan-Hepburn, Baronets
Buchanan, Baronets
Buchanan of Ardoch
Buchanan of Auchintorlie
Buchanan of Drumpellier House
Buchanan of Hales Hall
Buchanan-Riddell of Riddell, Baronets
Buck of Denholme and Glanarbeth
Buckingham and Chandos, Dukes (extinct), [Temple-Nugent]
Buckinghamshire, Earls, [Hobart-Hampden]
Buckland, Barons (extinct), [Berry]
Buckle of Norton House
Buckley, Baronets (extinct)
Buckley of New Hall
Buckston of Bradborne
Buckworth of Cockley Clay Hall
Buckworth-Herne-Soame, Baronets
Budworth of Greensted Hall
Buller of Downes
Buller of Erle Hall
Buller of Morval
Buller of Pelynt and Lanreath
Bullock of Falkborne
Bullock of North Coker
Bullock of St. Leonards
Bullough, Baronets (extinct)
Bulteel of Pamflete, [of Flete]
Bulwer of Heydon
Bunbury, Baronets
Bunbury of Lisnevagh
Bunbury of Moyle
Bunny of Speen Hill
Burdett, Baronets (extinct), [1619]
Burdett, Baronets, [1665]
Burdett of Shrubhurst
Burdon of Castle Eden
Burdon-Sanderson, Baronets (extinct)
Burghclere, Barons (extinct), [Gardner]
Burgoyne, Baronets, [1641]
Burgoyne, Baronets (extinct), [1856]
Burke of Elm Hall
Burke of Glinsk, Baronets
Burke of Knocknagur
Burke of Marble Hill, Baronets
Burleigh of Carrickfergus
Burn of Orton Hall
Burnaby, Baronets
Burnaby of Baggrave Hall
Burnaby of Langford Hall
Burne of Loynton Hall
Burne-Jones, Baronets
Burnell of Winkburn Hall and Beauchieff Abbey
Burnett, Baronets
Burnett of Gadgirth
Burnett of Monboddo
Burnham, Barons, [Levy-Lawson]
Burr of Aldermaston
Burrard of Walhampton, Baronets
Burrell, Baronets
Burrell of Broomepark
Burrell of Stoke Park
Burroughes of Burlingham
Burroughes of Long Stratton
Burroughs of Rousay
Burrows, Baronets (extinct)
Burton, Barons, [Bass]
Burton of Cherry Burton
Burton of Longner
Burton of Somersby
Busfeild of Upwood
Bush, Barons
Busk of Ford's Grove
Busk of Glenalder
Butler, Baronets
Butler, Baronets (extinct)
Butler of Ballyline
Butler of Castle Crine
Butler of Cazenoves House
Butler-Bowdon of Pleasington Hall
Butlin, Baronets (extinct)
Butter of Faskally
Buxton, Baronets, [1840]
Buxton, Baronets (extinct), [1800]
Buxton, Earls (extinct)
Byam of Antigua and Somersetshire
Byrde of Goytrey House
Byrne of Allardstown
Byron, Barons
Bythesea of The Hill
Cable, Barons (extinct)
Cable-Alexander, Baronets
Caddell of Harbourstown
Cadogan, Earls
Cadogan of Alnmouth and Brenckburn Priory
Cahill of Ballyconra
Caird, Baronets (extinct)
Cairns, Earls
Calcraft of Ancaster Hall
Calcraft of Rempstone
Caldecott of Holbrook Grange
Caldecott of Rugby
Caldwell of Lackham
Caldwell of Linley Wood
Caledon, Earls, [Alexander]
Call, Baronets (extinct)
Callander of Craigforth
Calley of Burderop
Calmady of Langdon
Calrow of Walton Lodge
Calthorpe, Barons, [Gough]
Calthrop of Gosberton
Calthrop of Stanhoe
Calverley of Oulton Hall
Calvert of Ockley Court
Camden, Marquesses, [Pratt]
Cameron, Baronets
Cameron of Lochiel
Camoys, Barons, [Stonor]
Campbell, Baronets, [1815]
Campbell, Baronets, [1831]
Campbell, Baronets (extinct), [1931]
Campbell of Aberuchill, Baronets
Campbell of Ardnamurchan, Baronets
Campbell of Ardpatrick
Campbell of Auchinbreck, Baronets
Campbell of Auchmannoch and Avisyard
Campbell of Barbreck
Campbell of Barcaldine, Baronets
Campbell of Blythswood
Campbell of Buscot Park
Campbell of Carrick Buoy, Baronets
Campbell of Cessnock and Treesbanks
Campbell of Colgrain
Campbell of Edenwood
Campbell of Fairfield
Campbell of Jura
Campbell of Lochnell
Campbell of Monzie
Campbell of Ormidale
Campbell of Schawfield and Islay
Campbell of Skerrington
Campbell of Sonachan
Campbell of Stonefield
Campbell of Stracathro
Campbell of Succoth, Baronets
Campbell of Tullichewan
Campbell of Woodseat
Campbell von Laurentz, Barons
Campbell-Davys of Newadd-fawr
Campbell-Orde, Baronets
Campbell-Renton of Lamberton and Mordington
Camperdown, Earls, [Haldane-Duncan]
Campion of Danny
Candler of Callan, [Sempill]
Canterbury, Viscounts, [Manners-Sutton]
Capel of The Grove
Capper of Lyston Court
Capron of Stoke Doyle
Carbery, Barons, [Evans-Freke]
Carbutt, Baronets (extinct)
Carden, Baronets
Carden of Templemore, Baronets
Cardinall of Tendring Manor House
Cardwell of Ellerbeck
Carew, Barons, [and Baronets]
Carew of Carew Castle and Crowcombe
Carey of Careysville
Carey of Rozel
Cargill, Baronets (extinct)
Carleill of Sewerby
Carleton of Market Hill
Carlile, Baronets (extinct), [1928]
Carlile, Baronets (extinct), [1917]
Carlisle, Earls, [Howard]
Carlyon of Tregrehan
Carmichael, Baronets (extinct)
Carnarvon, Earls, [Herbert]
Carne of Dimlands and St. Donat's Castle
Carne of Nash
Carnegie of Seaton House
Carnegy of Lour and Turin
Carnwath, Earls (extinct), [Dalzell]
Carpenter-Garnier of Mount Tavy
Carre of Cavers
Carrick, Earls, [Butler]
Carrington, Earls, [Wynn]
Carrington of Great Missenden Abbey
Carroll of Ballynure
Carson, Barons (extinct)
Carson of Spin-field
Carthew of Woodbridge Abbey
Carthew-Yorstoun of East Tinwald
Cartier, Baronets (extinct)
Cartwright of Aynhoe
Cary of Follaton
Cary of Torr Abbey
Cary of White Castle
Carysfort, Earls, [Proby]
Casborne of New House
Case of Ince
Casement of Invermore
Casey of The Donahies
Cass of Little Grove
Castle Stewart, Earls
Castlemaine, Barons, [Handcock]
Castletown, Barons, [FitzPatrick]
Cathcart of Carbiston
Cathcart of Knockdolian
Cator of Woodbastwick
Cavan, Earls, [Lambart]
Cave, Baronets
Cave of Cleve Hill
Cave-Brown-Cave, Baronets
Cavendish of Chyknell
Cawley, Baronets
Cayley, Baronets
Cayley of Wydale
Cayzer, Baronets
Cecil-Kearney, Counts
Chad of Thursford Hall
Chadwick of Daresbury Hall
Chadwick of Healey, Ridware, and New Hall
Chadwick of High Bank
Chadwick of Pudleston Court
Chafy of Bowes House
Challoner of Portnall
Chalmers, Barons (extinct)
Chalmers of Aldbar Castle
Chaloner of Guisborough
Chaloner of Kingsfort
Chamberlain, Baronets
Chamberlayne of Cranbury Park
Chamberlayne of Maugersbury
Chamberlayne of Stoney Thorpe
Chambers of Hafod
Chambre of Hawthorn Hill
Champernowne of Dartington
Champion de Crespigny, Baronets (extinct)
Chance, Baronets
Channing, Baronets
Chaplin of Blankney
Chaplin of Tathwell Hall
Chapman, Baronets (extinct)
Chapman of Whitby Strand
Charlemont, Viscounts, [Caulfeild]
Charlesworth of Chapelthorpe Hall
Charleville, Earls (extinct), [Bury]
Charley of Finaghy House
Charley of Seymour Hill
Charlton of Apley Castle
Charlton of Chilwell
Charlton of Hesleyside
Chatteris of Sandleford Priory
Chawner of Newton Manor House
Chaytor of Spennithorne
Chelmsford, Barons, [Thesiger]
Cheney of Badger Hall
Cheney of Gaddesby
Cherry of Denford
Chesham, Barons, [Cavendish]
Chester of Chicheley Hall
Chesterfield, Earls, [Scudamore-Stanhope]
Chetwode, Baronets
Chetwode of Woodbrooke
Chetwynd, Viscounts, [and Baronets]
Chevers of Killyan House
Cheylesmore, Barons, [Eaton]
Chichester, Earls, [Pelham]
Chichester, Baronets, [1641]
Chichester, Baronets (extinct), [1840]
Chichester of Hall
Child, Baronets
Child of Bigelly House
Child of Kinlet
Childe-Pemberton of Millichope
Childers of Cantley
Chinnery, Baronets (extinct)
Chisholm, Baronets
Chisholm of Erchless Castle
Chisholm-Batten of Thorn Faulcon
Chisholme of that ilk and Stirches
Cholmeley, Baronets
Cholmeley of Brandsby
Cholmondeley, Marquesses
Christian of Ewanrigg Hall
Christie of Durie
Christie of Preston Deanery and Glyndebourne
Christy of Apuldrefield
Chubb, Baronets
Church, Baronets
Churchill, Viscounts, [Spencer]
Churchill of Alderholt Park
Churchill of Muston
Churchman, Baronets (extinct)
Churston, Barons, [Yarde-Buller]
Chute of Chute Hall
Chute of The Vyne
Clancarty, Earls, [Trench]
Clanchy of Charleville
Clanmorris, Barons, [Bingham]
Clanricarde, Marquesses, [de Burgh-Canning]
Clanwilliam, Earls, [Meade]
Clapcott of Keynstone
Clare, Earls (extinct), [Fitzgibbon]
Clarendon, Earls
Clarina, Barons (extinct), [Massey]
Clark, Baronets, [1837]
Clark, Baronets, [1883]
Clark, Baronets, [1886]
Clark of Achareidh
Clark of Belford Hall
Clark of Buckland Toussaints
Clark of Largantogher House
Clark of Speddoch
Clark of Tal-y-Garn
Clarke of Bridwell
Clarke of Dunham, Baronets
Clarke of Kingsdowne House
Clarke of Knedlington Manor
Clarke of Rossmore, Baronets
Clarke of Rupertswood, Baronets
Clarke of Shirland, Baronets
Clarke of Swakeleys
Clarke of Tremlett
Clarke of Welton Place
Clarke-Jervoise, Baronets (extinct)
Clavering, Baronets (extinct)
Clavering of Callaly
Clay, Baronets
Clay of Piercefield Park
Clayhills of Invergowrie
Clayton, Baronets
Clayton of Adlington, [Browne]
Clayton of Enfield Old Park
Clayton of Hedgerley Park
Clayton-East of Hall Place, Baronets
Cleghorn of Weens
Cleland of Rath-Gael
Cleland of Stormont Castle
Clements of Ashfield Lodge
Clements of Rathkenny
Clerk of Burford
Clerk of Westholme
Clerke, Baronets
Clevland of Tapeley Park
Clifden, Viscounts, [Agar-Robartes]
Cliffe of Bellevue
Clifford, Barons
Clifford of Flaxbourne, Baronets
Clifford of Frampton
Clifford of Perristone and Llantilio
Clifford of Westfield, Baronets (extinct)
Clifton of Clifton and Lytham
Clifton of Clifton Hall
Clifton of Leighton Bromswold, Barons
Clinton, Barons, [Stuart-Forbes-Trefusis]
Clive of Whitfield
Clonbrock, Barons (extinct), [Dillon]
Cloncurry, Barons (extinct), [Lawless]
Clonmell, Earls (extinct), [Scott]
Close of Drumbanagher, [of Elm Park]
Clough of Clifton House
Clough of Llwyn Offa
Clough of Plas Clough
Clowes of Broughton Hall
Clowes of Burton Court
Clutterbuck of Newark Park
Clutterbuck of Warkworth
Coates of Whitton
Cobbe of Newbridge House
Cobbold of Holywells
Cobham, Viscounts, [Lyttelton]
Cobham of Shinfield Grange
Coddington, Baronets
Coddington of Oldbridge
Codrington, Baronets
Codrington of Wroughton
Cogan of Tinode
Coghill, Baronets
Coham of Coham
Cohen, Baronets
Coke of Lemore
Coke of Trusley
Coker of Bicester
Colchester, Barons, [Abbot]
Colclough of Tinterne Abbey
Coldham of Anmer Hall
Cole of Brandrum
Cole of Holybourn
Cole of Leixlip Castle
Cole of Twickenham
Colebrooke, Barons (extinct)
Colegrave of Cann Hall
Coleridge, Barons
Coleridge of Heaths Court
Coles of Ditcham
Coles of Parrocks Lodge
Collet, Baronets (extinct)
Colleton, Baronets (extinct)
Collier of Grimstone
Colling of Red Hall
Collingwood of Chirton and Lilburn Tower
Collingwood of Cornhill House
Collingwood of Dissington
Collins, Barons (extinct)
Collins of Betterton
Collins of Truthan
Collins of Walford
Collyer of Hackford Hall
Collyer of Hill House
Colmore of Moor End
Colquhoun of Killermont
Colston of Roundway Park
Colt, Baronets
Colt of Gartsherrie
Colthurst, Baronets
Colthurst of Dripsey Castle
Coltman of Hagnaby Priory
Coltman of Naburn Hall
Colvile of Kempsey House
Colvile of Lullington
Combe of Cobham Park
Combe of Earnshill
Combe of Oaklands
Combermere, Viscounts, [Stapleton-Cotton]
Comer of Fitzhead
Compton of Minstead Manor House
Compton-Thornhill, Baronets
Comyn of Woodstock and Kilcorney
Comyns of Wood, Bishop's Teignton
Conant of Lyndon Hall
Congleton, Barons, [Parnell]
Congreve, Baronets (extinct)
Congreve of Congreve
Congreve of Flichity House
Congreve of Mount Congreve
Connellan of Coolmore
Conner of Manch
Conolly of Castletown
Conolly of Cottles and Midford Castle
Constable of Manor House, Otley
Conway of Allington, Barons (extinct)
Conwy of Bodrhyddan
Conyers, Barons
Conyngham, Marquesses
Conyngham of Spring Hill
Cook, Baronets
Cooke, Baronets
Cooke of Cookesborough
Cooke of Kiltinan Castle
Cooke of Knockgraffon
Cooke of Owston and Gwysaney
Cooke-Collis of Castle Cooke
Cookes of Bentley
Cookson of Meldon Park
Cookson of Neasham Hall
Cooper, Baronets
Cooper of Cooper Hill
Cooper of Failford
Cooper of Hursley, Baronets
Cooper of Killenure
Cooper of Markree Castle
Cooper of Pain's Hill
Cooper of Toddington Manor
Cooper of Woollahra, Baronets
Coore of Scruton Hall
Coote, Baronets
Coote of Ballyfin, Baronets
Coote of Mount Coote
Cope, Baronets
Cope, Barons (extinct)
Cope of Drummilly
Cope of Loughgall Manor
Cope of Osbaston Hall
Copeman of Hemsby Hall
Coppinger of Ballyvolane
Coppinger of Midleton
Corbally of Carbalton Hall
Corbet, Baronets
Corbet of Sundorne
Corbet of Ynysymaengwyn
Corbett of Admington Hall
Corbett of Elsham and Darnhall
Corbett of Longnor and Leighton
Cork and Orrery, Earls, [Boyle]
Cornewall, Baronets
Cornewall of Delbury
Cornish of Black Hall
Cornock of Cromwellsfort
Corrance of Parham Hall
Corrigan, Baronets (extinct)
Corry, Baronets
Corry of Newry
Corsellis of Wyvenhoe Hall
Corstorphine of Pittowie
Cory-Wright, Baronets
Coryton of Pentillie Castle
Cosby of Stradbally
Costello of Edmundstown
Cotes of Woodcote
Cottenham, Earls, [Pepys]
Cotter, Baronets
Cotterell, Baronets
Cottesloe, Barons, [Fremantle]
Cotton of Etwall
Cotton of Knolton Hall
Coulson of Blenkinsopp
Coulthurst of Gargrave
Couper, Baronets
Courtauld, Baronets (extinct)
Courtauld of Gosfield Hall
Courthope of Whiligh
Courtney, Barons
Courtown, Earls, [Stopford]
Coventry, Earls
Coventry of Henbury House
Cowell-Stepney, Baronets
Cowley, Earls, [Wellesley]
Cowper, Earls (extinct), [De Grey]
Cowper of Carleton Hall
Cox of Ballynoe
Cox of Broxwood and Eaton Bishop
Cox of Coolcliffe
Coxen, Baronets (extinct)
Coyney of Weston Coyney
Cra'ster of Cra'ster Tower
Crackanthorpe of Newbiggin Hall
Cradock of Quorn Court
Cradock-Hartopp, Baronets
Craig, Baronets (extinct)
Craig-Laurie of Red Castle
Craignish, Barons, [Campbell]
Cramer of Rathmore
Cranbrook, Earls, [Gathorne-Hardy]
Cranstoun, Barons (extinct)
Cranstoun of Corehouse
Cranworth, Barons, [Gurdon]
Craufuird of Baidland, [of Ardmillan]
Craufurd, Baronets
Craufurd of Auchinames
Craufurd of Craufurdland
Craven, Earls
Craven, Baronets (extinct)
Craven of Brockhampton Park
Crawfurd of Milton
Crawfurd-Pollok, Baronets (extinct)
Crawley of Stockwood
Crawley-Boevey, Baronets
Crawshaw, Barons, [Brooks]
Crawshey of Cyfarthfa Castle
Creagh of Bally Andrew
Creagh of Cahirbane
Creagh of Creagh Castle
Creagh of Dangan
Cree of Ower Moigne
Cregoe of Trewithian
Cresswell of Cresswell
Cresswell of Pinkney Park
Creswell of Raveneston
Crewe, Marquesses (extinct), [Milnes]
Crewe, Baronets (extinct), [1626]
Creyke of Rawcliffe
Crichton of Rankeilour
Croft, Baronets
Croft of Aldborough Hall
Croft of Greenham Lodge
Croft of Stillington Hall
Crofton, Barons
Crofton of Lakefield
Crofton of Lonford House, Baronets
Crofton of Mohill, Baronets
Crofts of Churchtown
Crofts of Sompting Abbots
Crofts of Velvetstown
Croke of Studley
Croker of Ballynagarde
Croker of The Grange
Cromer, Earls, [Baring]
Crompton, Baronets (extinct)
Crompton of Duffield Hall
Cromwell of Cheshunt Park
Cronin-Coltsmann of Glenflesk Castle
Croome of North Cerney House
Cropper of Swaylands
Crosbie, Baronets (extinct)
Crosbie of Ardfert Abbey
Crosbie of Ballyheigue
Crosfield, Baronets (extinct)
Cross, Viscounts
Cross of Dartan
Cross of Eccle Riggs
Cross of Red Scar
Crosse of Shaw Hill
Crossley, Baronets
Crowe of Dromore House
Cruikshank of Langley Park
Crutchley of Sunninghill Park
Cruwys of Cruwys Morchard Court
Cubitt of Catfield Hall
Cubitt of Honing Hall
Cullen of Glenade
Culley of Coupland Castle
Culley of Fowberry Tower
Culme-Seymour, Baronets
Cunard, Baronets
Cuninghame of Balgownie House
Cuninghame of Cadel and Thorntoun
Cuninghame of Caprington
Cuninghame of Lainshaw
Cunliffe, Baronets
Cure of Blake Hall
Curling of Maesmawr Hall
Curre, Baronets (extinct)
Curre of Itton Court
Currie, Barons (extinct)
Currie, Baronets
Currie of Minley Manor
Currie of West Horsley
Curteis of Windmill Hill
Curtis of Cullands Grove, Baronets
Curtis of Gadcombe, Baronets
Curtler of Bevere House
Curtois of the Longhills
Curwen of Workington Hall
Curzon of Breedon
Curzon of Kedleston, Barons
Cusack of Gerardstown and Clonard
Cusack-Smith, Baronets
Cushendun, Barons (extinct), [McNeill]
Cust, Baronets
Custance of Weston
Cuthbert of Beaufront
Cuyler, Baronets (extinct)
d'Abernon, Viscounts (extinct), [Vincent]
d'Aeth of Knowlton Court
d'Arcy of Hyde Park
d'Arcy of Kiltullagh and Clifden
d'Arcy of New Forest
d'Oyly, Baronets
Dale, Baronets (extinct)
Dale of Glanville's Wootton
Dalgleish of Dura and Rires
Dalhousie, Earls, [Ramsay]
Dalison of Hamptons
Dallas, Baronets
Dallas-Yorke of Walmsgate
Dalrymple of Newhailes, Baronets
Dalton of Sleningford
Dalway of Bella Hill
Daly of Castle Daly
Daly of Raford
Dalyell, Baronets (extinct)
Dalyell of Lingo and Ticknevin
Dames of Greenhill
Dancer, Baronets (extinct)
Daniel of Auburn
Daniel of Stoodleigh
Daniell of New Forest
Darby of Leap Castle
Darby of Stoke Court
Darcy de Knayth, Barons
Darell, Baronets
Darell of Calehill
Darley of Aldby Park
Darnley, Earls, [Bligh]
Darroch of Gourock
Dartmouth, Earls, [Legge]
Dartrey, Earls (extinct), [Dawson]
Darwin of Elston Hall
Darwin of Fern
Dashwood of Kirtlington, Baronets
Dashwood of Stanford Park
Dashwood of West Wycombe, Baronets
Daubeny of Cote
Daunt of Fahalea
Daunt of Kilcascan
Daunt of Newborough
Daunt of Owlpen and Gortigrenane
Daunt of Slieveron
Daunt of Tracton Abbey
Dauntesey of Agecroft
Davenport of Bramall Hall
Davenport of Capesthorne, Baginton, and Wootton
Davenport of Davenport
Davenport of Foxley
Davey, Barons
Davey of Redruth
Davidson of Cantray
Davidson of Inchmarlo
Davidson of Tulloch Castle
Davies of Alltyr Odin
Davies of Castle Green
Davies of Cranbrooke Park
Davies of Croft Castle, Wigmore Hall, and Wellington
Davies of Danehurst
Davies of Marrington Hall
Davies of Moor Court
Davies of Pentre
Davis-Goff, Baronets
Davy of Ingoldsthorpe
Davy of Lesketh How
Dawe of Ditcheat
Dawkins of Over Norton
Dawson of Groton House
Dawson of Launde Abbey
Dawson of Moyola Park
Dawson of Penn, Viscounts (extinct)
Dayman of Mambury
Dayrell of Shudy Camps
De Bary of Weston Hall
de Bathe, Baronets (extinct)
de Blaquiere, Barons (extinct)
de Burgho, Baronets (extinct)
de Capell-Brooke of Oakley, Baronets
de Clifford, Barons
de Freyne, Barons, [French]
de Hoghton, Baronets
de l'Isle and Dudley, Barons, [Sidney]
de la Cherois-Crommelin of Carrowdore Castle
de la Pasture, Counts
de la Poer, Counts
de la Rue, Baronets
de la Warr, Earls, [Sackville]
de Mauley, Barons, [Ponsonby]
de Ramsey, Barons, [Fellowes]
de Ros, Barons
de Saumarez, Barons
de Tabley, Barons (extinct), [Warren]
de Trafford, Baronets
de Vere, Baronets (extinct)
de Vesci, Viscounts, [Vesey]
Decies, Barons, [Beresford]
Delamere, Barons, [Cholmondeley]
Denbigh, Earls, [Feilding]
Denman, Barons
Denys-Burton, Baronets
Deramore, Barons, [de Yarburgh-Bateson]
Derby, Earls, [Stanley]
Dering, Baronets
Derwent, Barons, [Vanden-Bempde-Johnstone]
des Voeux, Baronets (extinct)
Desart, Earls (extinct), [Cuffe]
Desborough, Barons, [Grenfell]
Devon, Earls, [Courtenay]
Devonshire, Dukes, [Cavendish]
Dick-Cunyngham, Baronets (extinct)
Dick-Lauder, Baronets
Dickson-Poynder, Baronets
Digby, Barons
Digby-Beste of Botleigh Grange
Dilke, Baronets
Dillon, Viscounts
Dillon, Baronets, [1801]
Dillwyn-Llewelyn, Baronets
Dimsdale, Baronets
Dimsdale, Barons
Dixie, Baronets
Dixon, Baronets (extinct)
Dixon-Hartland, Baronets
Dixwell-Oxenden, Baronets
Domvile, Baronets
Domville, Baronets
Don-Wauchope, Baronets
Donegall, Marquesses, [Chichester]
Doneraile, Viscounts, [St. Leger]
Donoughmore, Earls, [Hely-Hutchinson]
Dorchester, Barons, [Carleton]
Dorington, Baronets
Dormer, Barons
Doughty-Tichborne, Baronets
Douglas of Carr, Baronets (extinct)
Douglas of Glenbervie, Baronets
Douglas of Springwood, Baronets
Doverdale, Barons (extinct), [Partington]
Downe, Viscounts, [Dawney]
Downham, Barons (extinct), [Fisher]
Downshire, Marquesses, [Hill]
Doyle, Baronets
Drogheda, Earls, [Moore]
Drughorn, Baronets (extinct)
Drummond, Baronets (extinct)
Dryden, Baronets
du Parcq, Barons (extinct)
Ducie, Earls
Duckworth-King, Baronets
Dudley, Earls, [Ward]
Duff-Gordon of Halkin, Baronets
Duff-Sutherland-Dunbar of Hempriggs, Baronets
Dufferin and Ava, Marquesses, [Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood]
Dugan of Victoria, Barons (extinct)
Duke, Baronets (extinct)
Dukestone, Barons (extinct)
Dunalley, Barons, [Prittie]
Dunbar of Boath, Baronets (extinct)
Dunbar of Durn, Baronets
Dunbar of Mochrum, Baronets
Dunbar of Northfield, Baronets
Dunboyne, Barons, [Butler]
Duncan, Baronets
Dundas of Arniston, Baronets
Dundas of Beechwood, Baronets
Dundonald, Earls, [Cochrane]
Dunedin, Viscounts (extinct), [Murray]
Dunleath, Barons, [Mulholland]
Dunmore, Earls, [Murray]
Dunn, Baronets
Dunraven, Earls, [Quin]
Dunsandle and Clan Conal, Barons (extinct), [Daly]
Dunsany, Barons, [Plunkett]
Duntze, Baronets
Durand, Baronets
Durham, Earls, [Lambton]
Durning-Lawrence, Baronets
Durrant, Baronets
Duveen, Barons (extinct)
Dyke, Baronets
Dymoke, Baronets (extinct)
Dynevor, Barons, [Rice]
Dyre, Baronets
Dysart, Earls, [Tollemache]
Eardley, Baronets (extinct)
Eardley-Wilmot of Berkswell, Baronets
Earle, Baronets
Ebury, Barons, [Grosvenor]
Echlin, Baronets
Eden, Baronets
Edgar, Baronets (extinct)
Edmonstone, Baronets
Edwards, Baronets (extinct)
Edwards-Moss, Baronets
Effingham, Earls, [Howard]
Egerton, Earls
Eglinton and Winton, Earls, [Montgomerie]
Egmont, Earls, [Perceval]
Eldon, Earls, [Scott]
Eley, Baronets (extinct)
Elgar, Baronets (extinct)
Elgin and Kincardine, Earls, [Bruce]
Elibank, Barons, [Murray]
Eliott, Baronets (extinct)
Ellenborough, Barons, [Law]
Ellerman, Baronets
Ellesmere, Earls, [Egerton]
Elliot, Baronets
Ellis, Baronets
Ellis-Nanney, Baronets
Elphinstone, Barons, [Buller-Fullerton]
Elphinstone, Baronets, [1816]
Elphinstone-Dalrymple, Baronets
Eltisley, Barons (extinct), [Newton]
Elton, Baronets
Ely, Marquesses, [Loftus]
Emerson-Tennent, Baronets (extinct)
Emly, Barons, [Monsell]
Emmott, Barons (extinct)
Enniskillen, Earls, [Cole]
Erichsen, Baronets (extinct)
Erne, Earls, [Crichton]
Ernle, Barons (extinct), [Prothero]
Errington, Baronets (extinct), [1661]
Errington, Baronets, [1885]
Erroll, Earls, [Hay]
Erskine, Barons
Erskine, Baronets, [1821]
Esher, Viscounts, [Brett]
Esmonde, Baronets
Essex, Earls, [Capell]
Estcourt, Barons
Evans, Baronets
Eversley, Barons, [Shaw-Lefevre]
Every, Baronets
Ewart, Baronets
Exeter, Marquesses, [Cecil]
Exmouth, Viscounts, [Pellew]
Faber, Barons
Fagge, Baronets
Fairbairn, Baronets
Fairfax, Barons
Fairfield, Barons (extinct), [Greer]
Fairlie-Cuninghame, Baronets
Falkiner, Baronets
Falkland, Viscounts, [Cary]
Falmouth, Viscounts, [Boscawen]
Farmer, Baronets (extinct)
Farnham, Barons, [Maxwell]
Farquhar, Barons, [and Baronets]
Farrar, Baronets (extinct)
Farrer, Barons
Farrington, Baronets
Fauconberg, Barons
Faudel-Phillips, Baronets
Fayrer, Baronets
Feilden, Baronets
Fenwick-Bisset of Lessendrum House
Ferguson-Davie, Baronets
Fergusson, Baronets, [1703]
Fergusson, Baronets, [1866]
Fermor-Hesketh, Baronets
Fermoy, Barons, [Roche]
Ferrard, Viscounts
Ferrers, Earls, [Shirley]
Fetherston, Baronets
Feversham, Earls, [Duncombe]
Ffolkes, Baronets
Ffrench, Barons
Field, Barons
Fife, Dukes, [Duff]
Filmer, Baronets
Fingall, Earls, [Plunkett]
Finlay, Viscounts (extinct)
Firth, Baronets (extinct)
Fison, Baronets
FitzGerald, Barons (extinct)
FitzGerald and Vesey, Barons (extinct)
FitzGerald of Cork, Baronets
FitzGerald of Newmarket-on-Fergus, Baronets
FitzGerald, Knight of Kerry, Baronets
FitzHardinge, Barons, [Berkeley]
Fitzherbert, Baronets
Fitzmaurice, Barons
Fitzwilliam, Earls
Fitzwygram, Baronets
Flannery, Baronets
Fleming, Baronets
Floyd, Baronets
Fludyer, Baronets (extinct)
Foley, Barons
Forbes, Barons
Forbes of Newe, Baronets
Forbes of Pitsligo, Baronets
Ford, Baronets
Forest, Barons
Forester, Barons
Forestier-Walker, Baronets
Forrest, Baronets (extinct)
Forster, Barons (extinct)
Forster, Baronets (extinct), [1912]
Forster of Coolderry, Baronets (extinct)
Forster of Lysways, Baronets
Fortescue, Earls
Forwood, Baronets
Foster of Glyde Court, Baronets
Foster of Norwich, Baronets
Fowke, Baronets
Fowler of Braemore, Baronets (extinct)
Frankfort de Montmorency, Viscounts, [Morres]
Frankland, Baronets
Fraser, Baronets
Freake, Baronets (extinct)
Frederick, Baronets
Freeling, Baronets (extinct)
Frere, Baronets
Fry, Baronets
Fuller-Acland-Hood, Baronets
Fuller-Eliott-Drake, Baronets
Gabriel, Baronets (extinct)
Gage, Viscounts
Gainsborough, Earls, [Noel]
Galloway, Earls, [Stewart]
Galway, Viscounts, [Monckton-Arundell]
Gamble, Baronets
Gandolfi, Dukes
Gardner, Barons
Garnett-Botfield of Decker Hill
Garvagh, Barons, [Canning]
Geary, Baronets
Gerard, Barons
Gethin, Baronets
Gibbons, Baronets, [1752]
Gibbons, Baronets (extinct), [1872]
Gibson-Carmichael, Baronets
Gibson-Craig, Baronets
Gifford, Barons
Gilbey, Baronets
Gilmour, Baronets
Gladstone, Baronets
Glantawe, Barons, [Jenkins]
Glanusk, Barons, [Bailey]
Glasgow, Earls, [Boyle]
Glen-Coats, Baronets
Glenesk, Barons, [Borthwick]
Glengall, Earls (extinct), [Butler]
Glyn, Baronets, [1759]
Glyn, Baronets, [1800]
Godfrey, Baronets
Goldney, Baronets
Goldsmid, Barons (extinct)
Goldsmid-Stern-Salomons, Baronets
Gooch, Baronets, [1746]
Gooch, Baronets, [1866]
Goold, Baronets
Gordon, Barons (extinct)
Gordon, Baronets (extinct), [1818]
Gordon of Earlston, Baronets
Gordon of Embo, Baronets
Gordon of Letterfourie, Baronets
Gordon-Cumming, Baronets
Gore, Baronets
Gore-Booth, Baronets
Goring, Baronets
Gormanston, Viscounts, [Preston]
Gort, Viscounts, [Prendergast Vereker]
Goschen, Viscounts
Gosford, Earls, [Acheson]
Gough, Viscounts
Goulding, Baronets
Grace, Baronets
Grafton, Dukes, [FitzRoy]
Graham, Baronets (extinct), [1808]
Graham of Esk, Baronets
Graham of Larbert, Baronets
Graham of Netherby, Baronets
Graham of Norton-Conyers, Baronets
Graham-Montgomery of Stanhope, Baronets
Granard, Earls, [Forbes]
Grant of Dalvey, Baronets
Grant of Monymusk, Baronets
Grant-Dalton of Shanks House
Grant-Suttie, Baronets
Grantley, Barons, [Norton]
Granville, Earls, [Leveson-Gower]
Grattan-Bellew, Baronets
Graves, Barons
Graves Sawle, Baronets
Gray, Barons
Greaves-Bagshawe of Bagshawe, Ridge, Abney, and Ford
Green of London, Baronets
Green of Wakefield, Baronets
Green-Price of Monaughty, Baronets
Greenall, Baronets
Greene, Baronets
Greenwell, Baronets
Grenfell, Barons
Gresley, Baronets
Greville, Barons
Grey, Earls
Grey, Baronets, [1814]
Grey, Baronets, [1711]
Grey de Ruthyn, Barons
Grey-Egerton, Baronets
Grierson, Baronets
Griffies-Williams, Baronets (extinct)
Grimthorpe, Barons, [Beckett]
Grogan, Baronets
Grove, Baronets
Guilford, Earls, [North]
Guillamore, Viscounts, [O'Grady]
Guise, Baronets
Gull, Baronets
Gunning, Baronets
Gunter, Baronets
Gwydyr, Barons, [Burrell]
Haddington, Earls, [Baillie-Hamilton]
Hagart-Alexander of Ballochmyle, Baronets
Haggerston, Baronets
Haldon, Barons, [Palk]
Halford, Baronets (extinct)
Haliburton, Barons
Halifax, Viscounts, [Wood]
Halkett, Baronets (extinct)
Halkett, Barons
Hall, Baronets
Halsbury, Earls, [Giffard]
Hambleden, Viscounts, [Smith]
Hamilton, Dukes, [Douglas]
Hamilton of Dalzell, Barons
Hamilton of London, Baronets
Hamilton of Silverton Hill, Baronets
Hamilton of Trebinshun, Baronets
Hamilton-Dalrymple, Baronets
Hammick, Baronets
Hammond, Barons (extinct)
Hamond-Graeme, Baronets
Hampden, Viscounts, [Dacre]
Hampson, Baronets
Hampton, Barons, [Pakington]
Hanham, Baronets
Hanmer, Baronets
Hannen (extinct)
Hanson, Baronets
Harberton, Viscounts, [Pomeroy]
Hardinge, Viscounts, [and Baronets]
Hardwicke, Earls, [Yorke]
Hardy, Baronets
Hare, Baronets
Harewood, Earls, [Lascelles]
Harington, Baronets
Harland, Baronets (extinct)
Harlech, Barons, [Ormsby-Gore]
Harmood-Banner, Baronets
Harnage, Baronets (extinct)
Harrington, Earls, [Stanhope]
Harris, Barons
Harrison-Broadley of Welton
Harrowby, Earls, [Ryder]
Hart, Baronets
Hartwell, Baronets
Harty, Baronets
Harvey of Crown Point, Baronets
Harvey of Langley Park, Baronets
Hastings, Barons, [Astley]
Hastings, Marquesses (extinct), [1816]
Hatherton, Barons, [Littleton]
Havelock-Allan, Baronets
Haversham, Barons, [Hayter]
Hawarden, Viscounts, [Maude]
Hawke, Barons
Hawkins, Baronets
Hawkins-Whitshed, Baronets (extinct)
Hawley, Baronets
Hay of Alderston, Baronets
Hay of Park, Baronets
Hay of Smithfield, Baronets
Hayes, Baronets, [1789]
Hayes, Baronets (extinct), [1797]
Hazlerigg, Baronets
Head, Baronets, [1838]
Head, Baronets (extinct), [1676]
Headfort, Marquesses, [Taylour]
Headley, Barons, [Winn]
Heath, Baronets
Heathcoat-Amory, Baronets
Heathcote, Baronets
Hemphill of Cashel
Henderson, Baronets
Heneage of Hainton, Barons
Henley, Barons
Henniker, Barons, [and Baronets]
Hereford, Viscounts, [Devereux]
Hermon-Hodge, Baronets
Heron-Maxwell of Springkell, Baronets
Herries, Barons, [Constable-Maxwell]
Herschel, Baronets
Herschell, Barons
Hertford, Marquesses, [Seymour]
Hervey-Bathurst, Baronets
Hewett, Baronets, [1813]
Hewett, Baronets (extinct), [1883]
Heygate, Baronets
Heytesbury, Barons, [Holmes-A'Court]
Heywood, Baronets
Hickman, Baronets
Hill, Viscounts, [Clegg-Hill]
Hill, Baronets, [1779]
Hillingdon, Barons, [Mills]
Hindlip, Barons, [Allsopp]
Hingley, Baronets
Hoare of Annabella, Baronets
Hoare of Sidestrand, Baronets
Hoare of Stourhead, Baronets
Hobhouse, Baronets
Hochepied, Barons
Hodson, Baronets
Holcroft, Baronets
Holden, Baronets
Holder, Baronets
Holmpatrick, Barons, [Hamilton]
Home, Earls
Home, Baronets, [1671]
Home-Purves-Hume-Campbell, Baronets
Honyman, Baronets
Honywood, Baronets
Hood, Viscounts
Hope, Baronets
Hornby, Baronets
Hort, Baronets
Hoskyns, Baronets
Hoste, Baronets
Hotham, Barons
Hothfield, Barons, [Tufton]
Houldsworth, Baronets
Houstoun-Boswall, Baronets
Howard de Walden, Barons, [Ellis]
Howard of Glossop, Barons
Howe, Earls, [Curzon]
Howth, Earls, [St. Lawrence]
Hudson-Kinahan, Baronets
Hughes, Baronets
Hughes-Hunter, Baronets
Hulse, Baronets
Hulton, Baronets
Humphery, Baronets
Hunt, Baronets (extinct)
Hunter, Baronets
Hunter Blair, Baronets
Huntingdon, Earls, [Hastings]
Huntingfield, Barons, [Vanneck]
Huntington, Baronets
Huntly, Marquesses, [Gordon]
Hussey de Burgh of Donore and Drumkeen
Hyde Clarke of Hyde Hall
Hylton, Barons, [Jolliffe]
Iddesleigh, Earls, [Northcote]
Ilchester, Earls, [Fox-Strangways]
Inchiquin, Barons, [O'Brien]
Ingilby, Baronets
Ingram, Baronets
Innes, Baronets
Inverclyde, Barons, [Burns]
Isham, Baronets
Iveagh, Viscounts, [Guinness]
Jackson, Baronets
Jackson of Stansted, Baronets
Jaffray, Baronets
James, Baronets
James of Hereford, Barons
Jardine of Applegirth, Baronets
Jardine of Castlemilk, Baronets
Jenkinson, Baronets
Jenner, Baronets
Jephon-Norreys, Baronets (extinct)
Jephson, Baronets (extinct)
Jersey, Earls, [Child-Villiers]
Jervis-White-Jervis, Baronets
Jessel, Baronets
Jodrell, Baronets
Johnson of Bath, Baronets
Johnson of New York, Baronets
Johnson-Ferguson, Baronets
Johnson-Walsh, Baronets
Johnston, Baronets
Johnstone, Baronets
Joicey, Barons
Jones, Baronets
Jones-Brydges, Baronets (extinct)
Jones-Parry, Baronets (extinct)
Judkin-FitzGerald of Lisheen, Baronets (extinct)
Kay, Baronets
Keane, Baronets
Kelk, Baronets
Kellett, Baronets
Kelvin, Barons, [Thomson]
Kemp, Baronets
Kenmare, Earls, [Browne]
Kennard, Baronets
Kennaway, Baronets
Kennedy, Baronets
Kensington, Barons, [Edwardes]
Kenyon, Barons
Kerrison, Baronets (extinct)
Kesteven, Barons, [Trollope]
Key, Baronets
Killanin, Barons, [Morris]
Kilmaine, Barons, [Browne]
Kilmorey, Earls, [Needham]
Kimber, Baronets
Kimberley, Earls, [Wodehouse]
King of Campsie, Baronets
King of Charlestown, Baronets
King of Corrard, Baronets
Kingsale, Barons, [Courcy]
Kingston, Earls, [King-Tenison]
Kinloch of Gilmerton, Baronets
Kinloch of Kinloch, Baronets
Kinloss, Barons, [Bruce]
Kinnaird, Barons
Kinnear, Barons
Kinnoull, Earls, [Hay]
Kinross, Barons, [Balfour]
Kintore, Earls, [Keith-Falconer]
Kirkpatrick, Baronets
Kitchener of Khartoum, Viscounts
Kitson, Baronets
Knaresborough, Barons, [Meysey-Thompson]
Knatchbull, Baronets
Knight-Bruce of Roehampton Priory
Knightley, Baronets
Knill, Baronets
Knollys, Barons
Knowles, Baronets
Knowles of Westwood and Turton Tower, Baronets
Knox-Gore, Baronets (extinct)
Knutsford, Viscounts, [Holland]
Kusel, Barons
Lacon, Baronets
Lake, Baronets
Laking, Baronets
Lamb, Baronets
Lamington, Barons, [Cochrane-Baillie]
Lampson, Baronets
Lanesborough, Earls, [Butler]
Langford, Barons, [Rowley]
Langham, Baronets
Langman, Baronets
Langrishe, Baronets
Lansdowne, Marquesses, [Petty FitzMaurice]
Larcom, Baronets
Larpent, Baronets (extinct)
Lathom, Earls, [Bootle-Wilbraham]
Lauderdale, Earls, [Maitland]
Laurie, Baronets
Lawes-Wittewronge, Baronets
Lawrence, Barons, [and Baronets]
Lawrence, Baronets, [1867]
Lawrence, Baronets, [1906]
Lawson, Baronets, [1831]
Lawson, Baronets, [1841]
Lawson, Baronets, [1905]
Lawson of Weetwood Grange, Baronets
Layland-Barratt, Baronets
Le Marchant, Baronets
Lea, Baronets
Lechmere, Baronets
Leconfield, Barons, [Wyndham]
Leeds, Dukes, [Osborne]
Leeds, Baronets, [1812]
Lees of Black Rock, Baronets
Lees of Lytchet Manor, Baronets
Legard, Baronets
Leicester, Earls, [Coke]
Leicester, Baronets, [1671]
Leigh, Barons
Leighton, Baronets
Leinster, Dukes, [FitzGerald]
Leith of Fyvie, Barons, [Forbes-Leith]
Leith-Buchanan, Baronets
Leitrim, Earls, [Clements]
Lennard, Baronets
Leslie, Baronets
Lethbridge, Baronets
Leven and Melville, Earls, [Leslie]
Levinge, Baronets
Lewis, Baronets, [1846]
Lewis, Baronets, [1896]
Lewis of Portland Place, Baronets
Ley, Baronets
Lichfield, Earls, [Anson]
Lifford, Viscounts, [Hewitt]
Lighton, Baronets
Lilford, Barons, [Powys]
Limerick, Earls, [Pery]
Lindley, Barons
Lindsay, Earls
Lindsay, Baronets, [1821]
Lindsay-Hogg, Baronets
Lindsey, Earls, [Bertie]
Lindsey-Bucknall of Turin Castle
Lingen, Barons (extinct)
Linlithgow, Marquesses, [Hope]
Lipton, Baronets
Lisburne, Earls, [Vaughan]
Lisle, Barons, [Lysaght]
Lister, Barons
Lister-Kaye, Baronets
Liston-Foulis, Baronets
Listowel, Earls, [Hare]
Liverpool, Earls, [Foljambe]
Llandaff, Viscounts, [Matthews]
Llangattock, Barons, [Rolls]
Llanover (extinct), [Hall]
Lloyd, Baronets
Loch, Barons
Lockhart, Baronets
Locock, Baronets
Loder, Baronets
Londesborough, Earls, [Denison, Conyngham]
Londonderry, Marquesses, [Vane-Tempest-Stewart]
Longford, Earls, [Pakenham]
Longueüil, Barons
Lonsdale, Earls, [Lowther]
Lopes, Baronets
Loraine, Baronets
Loreburn, Barons, [Reid]
Losada, Dukes
Lothian, Marquesses, [Kerr]
Loudoun, Earls, [Abney-Hastings]
Louis, Baronets
Louth, Barons, [Plunkett]
Lovat, Barons, [Fraser]
Lovelace, Earls, [King]
Lowther, Baronets
Lucan, Earls, [Bingham]
Lucas, Barons
Lucas, Baronets, [1887]
Lucas-Tooth, Baronets
Ludlow, Barons, [Lopes]
Lurgan, Barons, [Brownlow]
Lushington, Baronets
Lusk, Baronets
Lyell, Baronets
Lynch-Blosse, Baronets
Lytton, Earls, [Bulwer-Lytton]
Lyveden, Barons, [Vernon, Smith]
M'Grigor, Baronets
Mac Cormac, Baronets (extinct)
Macartney, Baronets
Macclesfield, Earls, [Parker]
Macdonald, Barons, [and Baronets]
Macgregor, Baronets, [1795]
Macgregor, Baronets, [1828]
Mackenzie of Coul, Baronets
Mackenzie of Gairloch, Baronets
Mackenzie of Glen Muick, Baronets
Mackworth, Baronets
Mackworth-Praed, Baronets
Maclean, Baronets
Maclure, Baronets
Macnab, Baronets (extinct)
Macnaghten, Barons
Macpherson-Grant of Ballindallogh, Baronets
Magawly Cerati de Calry, Counts
Magheramorne, Barons, [McGarel-Hogg]
Magney, Baronets
Magnus-Allcroft, Baronets
Mahon, Baronets
Mainwaring, Baronets
Maitland, Baronets
Makins, Baronets
Malcolm of Poltalloch, Barons (extinct)
Malet, Baronets
Malmesbury, Earls, [Harris]
Manchester, Dukes, [Montagu]
Mann, Baronets
Manners, Barons
Manningham-Buller, Baronets
Mansel, Baronets
Mansfield, Earls, [Murray]
Manvers, Earls, [Pierrepont]
Maple, Baronets (extinct)
Mappin, Baronets
Mar, Earls, [Erskine]
Mar and Kellie, Earls, [Erskine]
Marlborough, Dukes, [Spencer-Churchill]
Marling, Baronets
Martin of Lockynge, Baronets
Martin of Overbury, Baronets
Martin-Atkins of Farley Castle
Martin-Atkins of Kingston Lisle
Maryon-Wilson of East Borne, Baronets
Masham, Barons, [Cunliffe Lister]
Massereene, Viscounts, [Clotworthy Skeffington]
Massy, Barons
Mather-Jackson, Baronets
Maynard, Viscounts (extinct)
Mayo, Earls, [Bourke]
McConnell, Baronets
McIver, Baronets
McLaren, Baronets
McMahon, Baronets, [1815]
McMahon, Baronets, [1817]
Meath, Earls, [Brabazon]
Medlycott, Baronets
Melville, Viscounts, [Dundas]
Menzies, Baronets
Meredyth, Baronets
Metaxà, Counts
Metcalfe, Baronets
Methuen, Barons
Meux, Baronets (extinct)
Mexborough, Earls, [Savile]
Meyrick, Baronets
Michelham, Barons, [Stern]
Middleton, Barons, [Willoughby]
Middleton, Baronets, [1662]
Midleton, Viscounts, [Brodrick]
Milbank, Baronets
Milbanke, Baronets
Milborne-Swinnerton-Pilkington, Baronets
Milburn, Baronets
Miles, Baronets
Milford, Barons (extinct), [Philipps]
Millais, Baronets
Miller, Baronets, [1705]
Miller, Baronets, [1874]
Milltown, Earls, [Leeson]
Milman, Baronets
Milne, Baronets
Milner, Viscounts
Milner, Baronets, [1717]
Minto, Earls, [Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound]
Mitchell-Thomson, Baronets
Molesworth, Viscounts, [and Baronets]
Molyneux, Baronets
Monck, Viscounts
Monk Bretton, Barons, [Dodson]
Monkswell, Barons, [Collier]
Monson, Barons, [and Baronets]
Montagu, Barons, [Douglas-Scott-Montagu]
Montagu, Baronets, [1894]
Montagu-Pollock, Baronets
Montague-Barlow, Baronets (extinct)
Monteagle, Barons, [Rice]
Montefiore, Baronets
Montgomery of the Hall, Baronets
Montrose, Dukes, [Graham]
Moon of Copsewood Grange, Baronets
Moon of Portman Square, Baronets
Moore, Baronets
Moore, Counts
Moray, Earls, [Stuart]
Mordaunt, Baronets
Morgan, Baronets, [1906]
Morgan, Baronets (extinct), [1892]
Morley, Earls, [Parker]
Morris of Clasemont, Baronets
Morrison-Bell, Baronets
Morse-Boycott of Sennowe
Morton, Earls, [Douglas]
Mosley, Baronets
Mostyn, Barons, [Lloyd-Mostyn]
Mostyn, Baronets, [1670]
Mount Cashell, Earls, [Moore]
Mount Stephen, Barons, [Stephen]
Mount-Edgcumbe, Earls
Mountgarret, Viscounts, [Butler]
Mountmorres, Viscounts, [Montmorency]
Mowbray, Baronets, [1880]
Mowbray, Segrave, and Stourton, Barons
Muncaster, Barons, [Pennington]
Munster, Earls, [FitzClarence]
Muntz, Baronets
Murphy, Baronets
Musgrave of Edenhall, Baronets
Musgrave of Tourin, Baronets
Muskerry, Barons, [Fitzmaurice Deane-Morgan]
Mynors-Baskerville of Clyro Court
Naesmyth, Baronets
Napier, Baronets, [1627]
Napier, Baronets, [1867]
Napier and Ettrick, Barons
Napier of Magdala, Barons
Naylor-Leyland, Baronets
Neave, Baronets
Neeld, Baronets
Nelson, Earls
Nepean, Baronets
Netterville, Viscounts (extinct)
Newborough, Barons, [Wynn]
Newburgh, Earls, [Giustiniani-Bandini]
Newcastle, Dukes, [Pelham-Clinton]
Newlands, Barons, [Hozier]
Newman, Baronets
Newnes, Baronets
Newton, Barons, [Legh]
Newton, Baronets, [1900]
Nicholson, Baronets
Nicolson, Baronets, [1637]
Nightingale, Baronets
Nixon, Baronets
Norbury, Earls, [Graham-Toler]
Norfolk, Dukes, [Fitzalan-Howard]
Normanby, Marquesses, [Phipps]
Normanton, Earls, [Agar]
North, Barons
North-Bomford of Ferrans and Gallow
Northampton, Marquesses, [Compton]
Northbourne, Barons, [James]
Northbrook, Earls, [Baring]
Northcliffe, Barons, [Harmsworth]
Northcote, Barons
Northesk, Earls, [Carnegie]
Northumberland, Dukes, [Percy]
Northwick, Barons (extinct)
Norton, Barons, [Adderley]
Nugent, Counts
Nugent of Ballinlough, Baronets
Nugent of Cloncoskoraine, Baronets
Nugent of Donore, Baronets
Nugent of Waddesdon, Baronets
Nunburnholme, Barons, [Wilson]
Nutting, Baronets
O'Brien, Barons
O'Brien of Borris in Ossory, Baronets
O'Byrne of Cabinteely
O'Connell, Baronets
O'Gorman, Counts
O'Hagan, Barons
O'Higgins of Ballynary
O'Loghlen, Baronets
O'Neill, Barons
Oakeley, Baronets
Oakes, Baronets
Ochterlony, Baronets
Ogilvy-Dalgleish, Baronets
Ogle, Baronets
Onslow, Earls, [and Baronets]
Oranmore and Browne, Barons
Orford, Earls, [Walpole]
Orkney, Earls, [Hamilton]
Ormathwaite, Barons, [Walsh]
Ormonde, Marquesses, [Butler]
Osborn, Baronets
Osborne, Baronets
Osborne-Gibbes, Baronets
Otway, Baronets
Outram, Baronets
Overstone, Barons (extinct), [Loyd]
Overtoun, Barons, [White]
Owen, Baronets
Paget, Baronets, [1871]
Paget, Baronets, [1891]
Paget of Cranmore Hall, Baronets
Palmer of Carlton, Baronets
Palmer of Castle Lackin, Baronets
Palmer of Grinkle Park, Baronets
Palmer of Reading, Baronets
Palmer of Wanlip Hall, Baronets
Parker of Harburn, Baronets (extinct)
Parker of Melford Hall, Baronets
Parker of Shenstone, Baronets
Parkyns, Baronets
Parry of Highnam Court, Baronets
Paston-Bedingfeld, Baronets
Paston-Cooper of Gadebridge, Baronets
Paul, Baronets
Paul, Baronets, [Dean Paul]
Pauncefort-Duncombe, Baronets
Pauncefote, Barons (extinct)
Payne-Gallwey, Baronets
Pearce, Baronets
Pearson, Baronets
Pease, Baronets
Peek, Baronets
Peel, Viscounts
Peel of Drayton Manor, Baronets
Peel of Tyersall Hall, Baronets
Pelly, Baronets
Pembroke, Earls, [Earls of Montgomery]
Pender, Baronets
Penrhyn, Barons, [Douglas-Pennant]
Perring, Baronets
Perrott, Baronets
Perth, Earls, [Drummond]
Peto, Baronets
Petre, Barons
Peyton, Baronets
Philipps of Picton, Baronets
Philipps of Picton Castle, Baronets
Phillimore, Baronets
Phillipps, Baronets (extinct)
Pickard-Cambridge of Bloxworth House
Piers, Baronets
Pigot, Baronets
Pigott, Baronets
Pile, Baronets
Pine-Coffin of Portledge
Pirbright, Barons (extinct), [de Worms]
Pirrie, Barons
Playfair, Barons
Plunket, Barons
Plymouth, Earls, [Windsor-Clive]
Pocock, Baronets
Pole, Baronets, [De la Pole]
Pole-Carew of Antony
Pollen, Baronets
Pollock, Baronets
Poltimore, Barons, [Warwick Bampfylde]
Polwarth, Barons, [Hepburne-Scott]
Ponsonby-Barker of Kilcooly Abbey
Poore, Baronets
Portal, Baronets
Portarlington, Earls, [Dawson-Damer]
Porter, Baronets, [1889]
Porter, Baronets, [1902]
Portland, Dukes, [Bentinck]
Portman, Viscounts, [Berkeley]
Portsmouth, Earls, [Newton Wallop]
Pottinger, Baronets
Poulett, Earls
Pound, Baronets
Powell, Baronets, [Sharp]
Powell, Baronets, [Folliott]
Power of Edermine, Baronets
Power of Kilfane, Baronets
Powerscourt, Viscounts, [Wingfield]
Powis, Earls, [Herbert]
Poynter, Baronets
Prescott, Baronets
Preston, Baronets
Prevost, Baronets, [1805]
Prevost, Baronets, [1903]
Price of Trengwainton, Baronets
Proctor-Beauchamp, Baronets
Puleston, Baronets (extinct)
Quain, Baronets (extinct)
Queensberry, Marquesses, [Douglas]
Quilter, Baronets
Radcliffe, Baronets
Radnor, Earls, [Playdell]
Radstock, Barons, [Waldegrave]
Raglan, Barons, [Somerset]
Ramsden, Baronets
Ranfurly, Earls, [Knox]
Rankin, Baronets
Rasch, Baronets
Rashleigh, Baronets
Rathdonnell, Barons, [McClintock]
Rathmore, Barons, [Plunket]
Ravensworth, Barons, [Liddell]
Rawlinson, Baronets
Rayleigh, Barons, [Strutt]
Reade, Baronets
Reay, Barons, [Mackay]
Reckitt, Baronets
Redesdale, Barons, [Mitford]
Reid, Baronets (extinct), [1703]
Reid, Baronets (extinct), [1823]
Renals, Baronets
Rendel, Barons
Rendlesham, Barons, [Thellusson]
Renshaw, Baronets
Reuter, Barons
Revelstoke, Barons, [Baring]
Reynolds, Baronets (extinct)
Rhodes, Baronets, [Baker]
Ribblesdale, Barons, [Lister]
Riccardi-Cubitt, Counts
Rich, Baronets
Richardson-Bunbury, Baronets
Richmond and Gordon, Dukes, [Lennox]
Riddell of Ardnamurchan, Baronets
Ridley, Viscounts, [White]
Ripley of Acacia, Baronets
Ripley of Rawdon, Baronets
Ripon, Marquesses, [Robinson]
Ritchie, Baronets, [1802]
Ritchie of Dundee, Barons
Rivers, Baronets (extinct), [1621]
Rivers, Barons (extinct)
Rivett-Carnac, Baronets
Robeck, Barons
Roberts, Baronets, [1809]
Roberts, Earls
Robertson, [1899]
Robinson of Batts House, Baronets
Robinson of London, Baronets
Robinson of Rokeby, Baronets
Robinson of Toronto, Baronets
Roche of Carass, Baronets
Roden, Earls, [Jocelyn]
Rodney, Barons
Rokeby, Barons (extinct)
Rollo, Barons
Romilly, Barons
Romney, Earls, [Marsham]
Rookwood, Baronets (extinct), [Ibbetson]
Ropner, Baronets
Rose of Montreal, Baronets
Rose of Rayners, Baronets
Rosebery, Earls, [Primrose]
Rosmead, Barons, [Robinson]
Ross, Baronets
Rosse, Earls, [Parsons]
Rosslyn, Earls, [St. Clair-Erskine]
Rossmore, Barons, [Westenra]
Rothes, Earls, [Leslie]
Rothschild, Barons
Rouse-Boughton, Baronets
Rowley of Hill House, Baronets
Rowley of Tendring, Baronets
Roxburghe, Dukes, [Innes-Ker]
Royden, Baronets
Rugge-Price of Spring Grove, Baronets
Rumbold, Baronets
Runciman, Baronets
Rushout, Baronets
Russell, Earls
Russell, Counts
Russell of Charlton Park, Baronets
Russell of Killowen, Barons (extinct)
Russell of Swallowfield, Baronets
Ruthven, Barons
Rutland, Dukes, [Manners]
Rycroft, Baronets
Sackville, Barons
Salis, Counts
Salisbury, Marquesses, [Cecil]
Salt, Baronets, [1869]
Salt, Baronets, [1899]
Saltoun, Barons, [Fraser]
Salusbury-Trelawny, Baronets
Samuel, Baronets
Samuel of the Mote, Baronets
Samuelson, Baronets
Sanderson, Barons
Sandhurst, Barons, [Mansfield]
Sandwich, Earls, [Montagu]
Sandys, Barons
Sassoon, Baronets
Savile, Barons
Savory, Baronets
Savory of Buckhurst Park, Baronets
Saye and Sele, Barons, [Fiennes]
Scarbrough, Earls, [Lumley]
Scarsdale, Barons, [Curzon]
Schröder, Baronets
Schuster, Baronets
Schwann, Baronets
Scott of Ancrum, Baronets (extinct)
Scott of Castle House, Baronets
Scott of Great Barr, Baronets
Scott of Lytchet Minster, Baronets
Scourfield, Baronets
Seafield, Earls, [Ogilvie-Grant]
Seaton, Barons, [Colborne]
Sebright, Baronets
Seely, Baronets
Sefton, Earls, [Molyneux]
Selborne, Earls, [Palmer]
Selby, Viscounts, [Gully]
Selkirk, Earls (extinct)
Sempill, Barons, [Forbes]
Seton-Steuart, Baronets
Seymour, Baronets
Shaftesbury, Earls, [Ashley-Cooper]
Shakerley, Baronets
Shand, Barons (extinct)
Shannon, Earls, [Boyle]
Sharp Bethune, Baronets
Shaw, Baronets, [1665]
Shaw, Baronets, [1821]
Sheffield, Earls, [Holroyd]
Sheffield, Baronets, [1755]
Shelley, Baronets
Sherard, Barons
Sherborne, Barons, [Dutton]
Sherbrooke, Viscounts (extinct)
Sherston-Baker of Dunstable, Baronets
Shiffner, Baronets
Shrewsbury and Talbot, Earls, [Chetwynd]
Shuckburgh, Baronets
Shuttleworth, Barons
Sidmouth, Viscounts, [Addington]
Simeon, Baronets
Simpson, Baronets
Sinclair, Barons, [St. Clair]
Sinclair of Ulbster, Baronets
Sitwell, Baronets
Skipwith, Baronets
Slade, Baronets
Sligo, Marquesses, [Browne]
Smith of Eardiston, Baronets
Smith of Stratford Place, Baronets
Smith of Tring, Baronets
Smith-Barry of Foaty and Marbury
Smith-Bosanquet of Broxbournebury
Smith-Dodsworth, Baronets
Smith-Gordon, Baronets
Smith-Marriott, Baronets
Smyth, Baronets (extinct)
Smythe, Baronets
Somers, Barons, [Cocks]
Somerset, Dukes, [Seymour]
Sondes, Earls, [Milles]
Southampton, Barons
Southesk, Earls, [Carnegie]
Southwell, Viscounts
Spearman, Baronets
Spencer, Earls
Speyer, Baronets
Spicer, Baronets
St. Albans, Dukes, [Beauclerk]
St. Aldwyn, Viscounts, [Hicks-Beach]
St. George, Baronets
St. Germans, Earls, [Eliot]
St. Helier, Barons, [Jeune]
St. John, Barons, [Beauchamp]
St. John-Mildmay, Baronets
St. Leonards, Barons
St. Levan, Barons, [St. Aubyn]
St. Oswald, Barons, [Winn]
St. Paul, Counts
St. Vincent, Viscounts, [Jervis]
Stacpoole, Dukes
Stafford, Barons
Stair, Earls, [Dalrymple]
Stalbridge, Barons, [Grosvenor]
Stamer, Baronets
Stamford, Earls, [Grey]
Stanhope, Earls
Stanley of Alderley, Barons
Stanmore, Barons, [Hamilton-Gordon]
Staples, Baronets
Stapleton, Baronets
Steel, Baronets (extinct)
Steele, Baronets (extinct)
Stephen, Baronets
Stewart, Baronets, [1881]
Stewart, Baronets (extinct), [1683]
Stewart of Athenry, Baronets
Stewart of Fort Stewart, Baronets
Stirling of Faskine, Baronets
Stockenström, Baronets
Stokes, Baronets
Stonhouse, Baronets
Stopford-Blair of Penninghame
Stracey, Baronets
Strachey, Baronets
Stradbroke, Earls, [Rous]
Strafford, Earls, [Byng]
Strathcona and Mount Royal, Barons, [Smith]
Stratheden and Campbell, Barons
Strathmore, Earls, [Lyon]
Strickland, Baronets
Stronge, Baronets
Stuart, Baronets, [1660]
Stuart, Baronets, [1841]
Stucley, Baronets
Style, Baronets
Sudeley, Barons, [Hanbury-Tracy]
Suffield, Barons, [Harbord]
Suffolk, Earls, [S. and Berkshire, Howard]
Sullivan of Garryduff, Baronets
Sullivan of Thames Ditton, Baronets
Sutherland, Dukes, [Gower]
Sutton, Baronets
Swansea, Barons, [Vivian]
Swinburne, Baronets
Sykes, Baronets, [1781]
Sykes, Baronets, [1783]
Synge, Baronets
Synge-Hutchinson, Baronets
Taaffe, Viscounts
Talbot de Malahide, Barons
Tancred, Baronets
Tankerville, Earls, [Bennet]
Tapps-Gervis-Meyrick, Baronets
Tatchell-Bullen of Marshwood
Tate, Baronets
Taunton, Barons (extinct), [Labouchere]
Teignmouth, Barons, [Shore]
Teissier, Barons
Tempest, Baronets (extinct), [1866]
Tempest of Tong, Baronets
Temple of Stowe, Earls, [Gore-Langton]
Temple of Stowe, Baronets, [1611]
Temple of the Nash, Baronets
Templemore, Barons, [Chichester]
Templetown, Viscounts, [Upton]
Tennant, Baronets
Tennyson, Barons
Tenterden, Barons, [Abbott]
Teynham, Barons, [Roper-Curzon]
Thomas of Wenvoe, Baronets
Thomas of Yapton, Baronets
Thompson, Baronets, [1890]
Thompson of Hartsbourne, Baronets
Thompson of London, Baronets
Thorold, Baronets
Thring, Baronets
Throckmorton, Baronets
Thurlow, Barons
Thursby of Ormerod House, Baronets
Tierney, Baronets (extinct)
Tollemache, Barons
Tomlinson, Baronets
Torphichen, Barons, [Sandilands]
Torrington, Viscounts, [Byng]
Townsend-Farquhar, Baronets
Townshend, Marquesses
Tredegar, Viscounts, [Morgan]
Trevelyan of Nettlecombe, Baronets
Trevelyan of Wallington, Baronets
Treves, Baronets
Trevor, Barons, [Hill-Trevor]
Trimlestown, Barons, [Barnewall]
Tritton, Baronets
Troubridge, Baronets
Truro, Barons (extinct), [Wilde]
Tuite, Baronets
Tupper, Baronets
Tweeddale, Marquesses, [Hay]
Tweedmouth, Barons, [Marjoribanks]
Twysden, Baronets
Tyler, Baronets
Tyrwhitt-Wilson of Stanley Hall, Baronets
Uniacke-Penrose-FitzGerald, Baronets
Valentia, Viscounts, [Annesley]
Vallado, Marquis, [Walrond]
Van Notten-Pole, Baronets
Vane, Baronets
Vans-Agnew of Barnbarroch
Vaux of Harrowden, Barons, [Mostyn]
Vavasour of Hazlewood, Baronets
Vavasour of Spaldington, Baronets
Ventry, Barons, [De Moleyns]
Verdin, Baronets
Verner, Baronets
Verney, Baronets
Vernon, Barons
Vernon of Hanbury, Baronets
Verulam, Earls, [Grimston]
Vincent, Baronets
Vismes, Counts
Vivian, Barons
Vyvyan, Baronets
Wake, Baronets
Wakeman, Baronets
Waldegrave, Earls
Waldie-Griffith, Baronets
Waleran, Barons, [Walrond]
Walker, Baronets, [1856]
Walker, Baronets, [1906]
Walker of Gateacre, Baronets
Walker of Sand Hutton, Baronets
Waller, Baronets, [1815]
Waller, Baronets, [1780]
Wallscourt, Barons, [Blake]
Walsham, Baronets
Walsingham, Barons, [de Grey]
Wandsworth, Barons, [Stern]
Wantage, Barons (extinct), [Lindsay]
Warren, Baronets
Warrender, Baronets
Warwick, Earls, [Greville]
Waterford, Marquesses, [De la Poer Beresford]
Waterlow, Baronets
Waterpark, Barons, [Cavendish]
Watkin, Baronets
Watson, Baronets (extinct), [1880]
Watson, Baronets (extinct), [1760, Watson-Copley]
Watson, Baronets, [1866]
Watson, Baronets, [1895]
Way, Baronets
Weardale, Barons, [Stanhope]
Webley-Parry-Pryse, Baronets
Webster, Baronets
Wedderburn, Baronets
Welby, Barons, [and Baronets]
Weldon, Baronets
Wellington, Dukes, [Wellesley]
Wells, Baronets (extinct)
Wemyss, Earls
Wenlock, Barons, [Lawley]
Wensleydale, Barons (extinct)
Wentworth, Barons
Wernher, Baronets
Westbury, Barons, [Bethell]
Western, Baronets
Westmeath, Earls, [Nugent]
Westminster, Dukes, [Grosvenor]
Westmorland, Earls, [Fane]
Whalley-Smythe-Gardiner, Baronets (extinct)
Wharncliffe, Earls, [Wortley]
Wheeler-Cuffe, Baronets (extinct)
Wheler, Baronets
Whichcote, Baronets
White, Baronets
White of Bristol, Baronets
Whitehead, Baronets
Wicklow, Earls, [Howard]
Wigan, Baronets
Wiggin, Baronets
Wilks, Baronets
Williams of Bodelwyddan, Baronets
Williams of London, Baronets
Williams of Tregullow, Baronets
Williams-Bulkeley, Baronets
Williams-Drummond, Baronets
Williams-Wynn, Baronets
Williamson, Baronets
Willoughby, Baronets, [1794]
Willoughby de Broke, Barons
Wills of Hazelwood, Baronets
Wills of Northmoor, Baronets
Willshire, Baronets
Wilmot of Chaddesden, Baronets
Wilmot of Osmaston, Baronets
Wilson, Baronets, [1906]
Wilson of Archer House, Baronets
Wilson of Delhi, Baronets
Wilson of Eshton Hall, Baronets
Wilson-Todd, Baronets
Wilton, Earls, [Egerton]
Wimborne, Barons, [Guest]
Winchester, Marquesses, [Paulet]
Winchilsea, Earls, [Finch]
Winmarleigh, Barons (extinct), [Wilson-Patten]
Winnington, Baronets
Winterstoke, Barons, [Wills]
Winterton, Earls, [Turnour]
Wiseman, Baronets
Wolseley, Viscounts
Wolseley of Mount Wolseley, Baronets
Wolseley of Wolseley, Baronets
Wolverton, Barons, [Glyn]
Wombwell, Baronets
Wood, Baronets (extinct), [1808]
Wood of Hatherley House, Baronets
Wood of The Hermitage, Baronets
Workman-Macnaghten, Baronets
Worms, Barons
Worsley, Baronets
Wraxall, Baronets
Wrey, Baronets
Wrightson, Baronets
Wrixon-Becher, Baronets
Wrottesley, Barons
Wynford, Barons, [Best]
Wyrley-Birch of Wretham
Yarborough, Earls, [Pelham]
Young of Bailieborough, Baronets
Young of Formosa Place, Baronets
Young of North Dean, Baronets
Zetland, Marquesses, [Dundas]
Zouche, Barons