Abercorn, Dukes of, [Hamilton]
Acton of West Aston
Adair of Bellegrove
Adams of Northlands
Adams of Jamesbrook
Alcock of Wilton
Aldworth of Newmarket
Alexander of Milford
Alexander of Ahilly
Alloway of The Derries
Ancketill of Ancketill's Grove
Anderson of Grace Dieu
Annesley, Earls
Antrim, Earls of, [McDonnell]
Archbold of Davidstown
Archdale of Castle Archdale
Archdale, Baronets
Arcy of New Forest, D'
Arcy of Corbetstown, D'
Ardilaun, Barons (extinct), [Guinness]
Armitage of Atherdee, Coole, and Drumin
Armstrong of Garry Castle
Armstrong of Willow Bank
Armstrong of Castle Iver
Armstrong of Mealiffe and Chaffpool
Armstrong, Baronets
Armstrong of Lismoher
Arnott, Baronets
Arran, Earls of, [Gore]
Arthur of Glanomera
Ashbrook, Viscounts , [Flower]
Ashtown, Barons , [Trench]
Ashworth of Ashworth, Elland, and Hall Carr
Athy of Renville
Atkins of Firville
Atkins of Waterpark
Atkinson of Rehins
Atkinson of Ashley Park
Atkinson of Cangort
Atkinson of Glenwilliam
Auchinleck of Crevenagh
Aylmer, Barons
Aylmer, Baronets
Aylmer of Courtown
Bagenal of Benekerry
Bagot of Ballymoe
Bagwell of Marlfield
Bailie of Ringdufferin
Bainbridge of Frankfield
Baker of Lismacue
Balfe of South Park
Balfour of Townley Hall
Ball, Baronets
Bandon, Earls of, [Bernard]
Bangor, Viscounts , [Ward]
Barbour, Baronets (extinct)
Barnewall, Baronets
Barrington, Viscounts
Barrington of Limerick, Baronets
Barry of Lemlara
Barry of Sandville
Barry of Castle Cor
Barry of Kilbolane Castle
Barton of The Waterfoot
Barton of Straffan House
Barton of Grove
Barton of Greenfort
Barton of Glendalough House
Bathe, Baronets de (extinct)
Batt of Rathmullan
Battersby of Loughbawn
Battley of Belvedere Hall
Bayly of Ballyarthur
Beamish of Half-Way Street House
Beamish of Ashbourne
Beamish of Kilmalooda
Bellew, Barons
Bellingham, Baronets
Belmore, Earls , [Lowry-Corry]
Bennett of Castle Roe
Bennett of Thomaston Park
Beresford of Learmount
Beresford-Peirse, Baronets
Bernard of Castle Bernard
Bernard of Castle Hacket
Bessborough, Earls of, [Ponsonby]
Bingham of Bingham Castle
Blackburne of Tankardstown
Blacker of Woodbrook
Blacker-Douglass of Grace Hill
Blackwood, Baronets
Blake, Baronets
Blake of Ballyglunin Park
Blake of Annefield
Blake of Renvyle
Blake of Towerhill
Blake of Heath House
Blake of Ballinafad
Blake de Burgh of Coolcon
Blakeney of Castle Blakeney
Bland of Derriquin
Bland of Blandsfort
Blennerhassett, Baronets
Blennerhassett of Ballyseedy
Blennerhassett of Kells
Blennerhassett of Riddlestown
Blood of Ballykilty
Bloomfield of Castle Caldwell
Blunden, Baronets
Bodkin of Annagh
Bolton of The Island
Bolton of Mount Bolton
Bolton of Tullydonnell
Bomford of Oakley Park
Bomford of Gallow Ferrans
Bonham of Ballintaggart
Bonynge of Ballintobber
Borrowes of Gilltown
Bourchier of Baggotstown
Bourke of Thornfields
Bourke of Curraghleagh
Bourke of Heathfield
Bowen of Hollymount
Bowen of Bowen's Court
Bowles of Ahern
Boyd, Baronets
Boyd of Ballymacool
Boyne, Viscounts , [Hamilton-Russell]
Boyse of Bannow
Brabazon of Tara House
Brady, Baronets (extinct)
Brinkley of Fortland
Briscoe of Riverdale
Brooke [Brooke of Summerton], Baronets
Brooke of Summerton
Brooke of Dromavana
Brown of Clonboy
Browne of Rathain
Browne of Breaghwy
Browne of Riverstown
Browne-Clayton of Browne's Hill
Brownrigg, Baronets
Bruce of Downhill, Baronets
Bruce of Benburb
Bruce of Miltown Castle
Bruen of Oek Park and Coolbawn
Bryan of Jenkinstown
Bryan of Upton
Buchanan of Edenfel
Budgen of Ballindoney
Burdett of Coolfin and Ballymany
Burdett of Cushcallow
Burges of Parkanaur
Burgh of Dromkeen and Donore, de
Burgh of Oldtown, de
Burke, Baronets
Burke of Ballydugan
Burke of Ower
Burke of St. Clerans (extinct)
Burrowes of Lismore
Burrowes of Stradone House
Burton of Carrigaholt Castle
Burton of Burton Hall
Bury of Charleville Forest
Bury of Little Island and Curraghbridge
Bury-Barry of Ballyclough
Bushe of Glencairn Abbey
Butler of Cloughgrenan, Baronets
Butler-Creagh of Walterstown
Byrne of Cabinteely [O'Byrne of C.]
Cable-Alexander, Baronets
Caddell of Harbourstown (extinct)
Caldwell of New Grange
Caledon, Earls of, [Alexander]
Carbery, Barons , [Evans-Freke]
Carden of Barnane
Carden, Baronets
Carden of Fishmoyne
Carew, Barons , [Conolly]
Carew of Ballinamona Park
Carleton of Clare
Carrick, Earls of, [Butler]
Carrington of Bulcot Lodge, Barons , [Carington]
Carroll of Ashford
Carson of Shanroe
Carter of Shaen Manor
Casement of Magherintemple
Cassan of Sheffield
Cassidi of Glenbrook
Castle Stewart, Earls , [Stuart]
Castlemaine, Barons , [Handcock]
Caulfeild of Donamon
Cavan, Earls of, [Lambart]
Chambré of Dungannon
Charlemont, Viscounts , [Caulfeild]
Charley of Seymour Hill
Charteris of Cahir
Chearnley of Salterbridge
Cherois of Donaghadee, de La
Cherois-Crommelin of Carrowdore Castle, de La
Chetwynd, Viscounts
Chevers of Killyan
Chute of Chute Hall
Clancarty, Earls of, [Le Poer Trench]
Clanmorris, Barons , [Bingham]
Clanwilliam, Earls of, [Meade]
Clark of Dunlambert, Baronets
Clark of Largantogher
Cleland of Stormont Castle
Cleland of Rath-Gael
Clements of Ashfield
Clements of Rathkenny
Clibborn of Moate
Clifden, Viscounts (extinct), [Agar-Robartes]
Cliffe of Bellevue
Close of Drumbanagher
Coates, Baronets
Cobbe of Newbridge House
Cochrane, Baronets
Coddington of Oldbridge
Cogan of Tinode
Colclough of Tintern Abbey
Cole of Woodview
Colhoun of Carrickballydoey
Collins of Ardnalee
Collis of Tieraclea
Colomb of Dromquinna and Dunkerron
Colthurst of Dripsey
Colthurst, Baronets
Comyn of Woodstock and Kilcorney
Congreve of Mount Congreve
Connellan of Coolmore
Conner of Ballybricken
Conner of Manch
Conolly of Castletown
Conyngham, Marquesses
Cooke of Kiltinane
Cooke-Collis of Castle Cooke
Cooper of Markree Castle
Cooper of Cooper's Hill
Cooper of Killenure
Cooper-Chadwick of Ballinard
Coote, Baronets
Coote of Ballyclough Castle and Bearforest
Coote of Mount Coote
Cope of Loughgall Manor
Cope of Drummilly
Coppinger of Midleton
Cork and Orrery, Earls of, [Boyle]
Cornock of Cromwellsport
Corry, Baronets
Cosby of Stradbally
Cotter, Baronets
Courtown, Earls of, [Stopford]
Cox of Ballynoe
Cramer of Ballindinisk
Crawford of Stonewold
Creagh of Bally Andrew
Creagh of Cahirbane
Creagh of Dangan
Creagh of Creagh Castle
Crichton of Derk Lodge
Crofton, Barons
Crofton of Longford House, Baronets
Crofton of Mohill, Baronets
Crofton of Lakefield
Crofts of Velvetstown
Croker of The Grange
Croker of Ballynagarde
Cronin-Coltsmann of Glenflesk Castle
Crosbie, Baronets (extinct)
Crosbie of Ballyheigue
Crowe of Dromore House
Cullen of Corry
Cunningham, Baronets (extinct)
Cuppage of Mount Edwards
Cusack of Gerardstown
Cusack-Smith, Baronets (extinct)
Dalway of Carrickfergus
Daly of Castle Daly
Daly of Raford
Dames of Greenhill
Daniel of Lough Ree
Daniell of New Forest
Darnley, Earls of, [Bligh]
Daunt of Kilcascan
Daunt of Tracton Abbey
Davis-Goff, Baronets
Deane of Glendaragh
Dease of Turbotston
Decies, Barons , [de la Poer Beresford]
Delap of Monellan
Dennis of Fort Granite
Denny of Castle Moyle, Baronets
Denny of Moorstown and Drumlone
Devenish of Mount Pleasant
Devereux of Ballyrankin
Dick of County Wicklow
Dickson of Woodville
Digby, Barons
Dillon, Viscounts
Dillon of Lismullen, Baronets
Dobbin of Armagh
Dobbs of Castle Dobbs
Dobbs of Glenariffe Lodge
Dolling of Magheralin
Dolmage of Rathkeale [Delmege of R.]
Dolphin of Turoe
Donegall, Marquesses of, [Chichester]
Donelan of Sylan
Doneraile, Viscounts , [St. Leger]
Donoughmore, Earls of, [Hely-Hutchinson]
Donovan of Ballymore
Downe, Viscounts , [Dawney]
Downshire, Marquesses of, [Hill]
Doyle, Baronets
Doyne of Wells
Drake of Stokestown
Drew of Drewscourt
Drew of Mocollop
Drogheda, Earls of, [Moore]
Drought of Lettybrook
Drought of Whigsboro'
Drought of Glencarrig
Duckett of Duckett's Grove
Duke of Newpark
Dunalley, Barons , [Prittie]
Dunboyne, Barons , [Butler]
Dundas of Clobemon Hall
Dunne of Brittas
Dunraven and Mount-Earl, Earls of, [Wyndham-Quin]
Dunsany, Barons of, [Plunkett]
Dunscombe of Mount Desert
Echlin, Baronets
Echlin of Ardquin
Edge of Clonbrock
Edgeworth of Edgeworthstown
Edgeworth of Kilshrewly
Egmont, Earls of, [Perceval]
Ellis of Sea Park
Ely, Marquesses of, [Tottenham]
Enniskillen, Earls of, [Cole]
Erne, Earls of, [Crichton]
Esmonde, Baronets
Eustace of Baltinglass
Eustace of Castlemore
Eustace of Newstown
Evans of Carker
Evans of Gortmerron House
Evans of Rockfield
Everard, Baronets
Everard of Randlestown
Ewart, Baronets
Falkiner, Baronets
Fallon of Netterville Lodge
Farmar of Bloomfield
Farnham, Barons , [Maxwell]
Farrell of Moynalty
Fermoy, Barons , [Roche]
Ferrall of Augher Castle
Fetherstonhaugh of Bracklyn Castle
Fetherstonhaugh of Rockview
Fetherstonhaugh of Carrick
Ffolliott of Hollybrook House
Ffrench, Barons
Ffrench of Monivea
Filgate of Lissrenny
Finch of Tullamore Park
Fingall, Earls of, [Plunkett]
Finlay of Corkagh
Finny of Leixlip
Fitz-Gerald of Glin
Fitzgerald of Geraldine Place, Baronets
Fitzgerald of Valencia, Baronets
Foster of Stonehouse, Baronets (extinct)
Gage, Viscounts
Galway, Viscounts , [Monckton-Arundell]
Gardner, Barons (extinct)
Garvagh, Barons , [Canning]
Gethin, Baronets
Godfrey, Baronets (extinct)
Goold, Baronets
Gore, Baronets
Gore-Booth, Baronets
Gormanston, Viscounts , [Preston]
Gort, Viscounts , [Vereker]
Gosford, Earls of, [Acheson]
Goulding, Baronets
Graham of Dromore, Baronets
Granard, Earls of, [Forbes]
Grattan-Bellew, Baronets
Graves, Barons
Guillamore, Viscounts (extinct), [O'Grady]
Guinness, Baronets
Gun-Cuninghame of Mount Kennedy
Hall-Dare of Newtownbarry
Harberton, Viscounts , [Pomeroy]
Hardinge, Baronets
Harold-Barry of Ballyvonare
Harty, Baronets
Hawarden, Viscounts , [Maude]
Headfort, Marquesses of, [Taylour]
Headley, Barons , [Allanson-Winn]
Heaton-Armstrong of Farney Castle and Mount Heaton
Hendrick-Aylmer of Kerdiffstown
Henniker, Barons , [Major]
Henry, Baronets
Hill of Brook Hall, Baronets
Hoare of Annabella, Baronets
Hodson, Baronets
Hood, Viscounts
Horsbrugh-Porter, Baronets
Hotham, Barons
Hume of Humewood
Huntingfield, Barons , [Vanneck]
Inchiquin, Barons , [O'Brien]
Innes-Cross of Dromantine
James, Baronets (extinct)
Jerningham of Harbourstown
Jervis-White-Jervis, Baronets (extinct)
Johnson-Walsh, Baronets (extinct)
Keane, Baronets
Kellett, Baronets
Kennedy, Baronets
Kensington, Barons , [Edwardes]
Kilmaine, Barons , [Browne]
Kilmorey, Earls of, [Needham]
King of Charlestown, Baronets
Kingsale, Barons , [de Courcy]
Kingston, Earls of, [King-Tenison]
Knox-Browne of Aughentaine Castle
Lambart, Baronets
Lanesborough, Earls of, [Butler]
Langford, Barons , [Rowley-Conwy]
Langrishe, Baronets
Lees of Blackrock, Baronets
Leicester, Baronets
Leinster, Dukes of, [FitzGerald]
Lenox-Conyngham of Spring Hill
Leslie of Glaslough, Baronets
Levinge, Baronets
Lifford, Viscounts , [Hewitt]
Lighton, Baronets
Lighton, Baronets
Limerick, Earls of, [Pery]
Lisburne, Earls of, [Vaughan]
Lisle, Barons , [Lysaght]
Listowel, Earls of, [Hare]
Londonderry, Marquesses of, [Vane-Tempest-Stewart]
Longford, Earls of, [Pakenham]
Louth, Barons , [Plunkett]
Lucan, Earls of, [Bingham]
Lynch-Blosse, Baronets
Lynch-Robinson, Baronets
Macartney, Baronets
Macartney-Filgate of Lowtherstone
Macdonald, Barons
Macnaghten, Baronets
Madden, Baronets
Mahon, Baronets
Massareene and Ferrard, Viscounts , [Skeffington]
Massy, Barons
Massy-Dawson of New Forest and Ballynecourte
Maxwell of St. Clerans
Mayo, Earls of, [Bourke]
McCarthy-O'Leary of Coomlagane
McConnell, Baronets
Meath, Earls of, [Brabazon]
Meredyth, Baronets (extinct)
Mexborough, Earls of, [Savile]
Milltown, Earls of (extinct), [Leeson]
Molesworth, Viscounts
Molony, Baronets
Monck, Viscounts
Montmorency, Baronets de
Montmorency of Castle Morres, de
Moore of Moore Lodge, Baronets
Mountgarret, Viscounts , [Butler]
Mulholland, Baronets
Musgrave of Tourin, Baronets
Muskerry, Barons , [Deane]
Napier of Merrion Square, Baronets
Newborough, Barons , [Wynn]
Nixon, Baronets
Normanton, Earls of, [Agar]
Nugent of Ballinlough, Baronets
Nugent of Cloncoskoran, Baronets (extinct)
Nugent of Donore, Baronets
Nugent of Portaferry, Baronets (extinct)
Nutting, Baronets
O'Beirne of Jamestown Lodge
O'Brien of Lothbury, Barons
O'Brien, Baronets
O'Brien of Ballynalacken
O'Byrn of Timogue, Baronets
O'Callaghen of Cadogan
O'Connell, Baronets
O'Connell of Darrinane Abbey
O'Connor of Dundermott
O'Conor of Mount Druid
O'Conor of Milton
O'Conor Don
O'Donoghue of The Glens
O'Donovan of Clan Cathal
O'Donovan of O'Donovan's Cove
O'Farrell of Dalyston
O'Ferrall of Balyna
O'Fflahertie of Lemonfield
O'Grady of Kilballyowen
O'Grady of Castle Garde
O'Hagan, Barons , [Strachey]
O'Hara of Annaghmore
O'Hara of Crebilly
O'Hara of O'Hara Brook
O'Kelly of Gallagh
O'Kelly of Gurtray
O'Kelly of Barrettstown
O'Loghlen, Baronets
O'Malley of Newcastle
O'Neill, Barons
O'Neill of the Maine, Barons
O'Reilly of Baltrasna
O'Reilly of The Heath House
O'Reilly of Knock Abbey Castle
O'Reilly of Rathaldron Castle
O'Rorke of Ballybollan
O'Rourke, Grafen
O'Shee of Gardenmorris
Odell of Carriglea
Ogilby of Ardnargle
Ogilby of Altnachree Castle
Oliver of Cherrymount
Olphert of Ballyconnell
Oranmore and Browne, Barons , [Browne]
Orme of Abbeytown
Orme of Glenmore
Orme of Owenmore
Orme of Ballycorroon
Ormonde, Marquesses of, [Butler]
Ormsby of Ballinamore
Ormsby of Gortner Abbey
Orpen of Ardtully
Orpen of Killaha Castle
Osborne of Newtown Anner
Osborne, Baronets
Otway of Castle Otway
Owens of Holestone
Pack-Beresford of Fenagh
Palles of Mount Palles
Palliser of Derryluskan
Palmer of Rahan House
Palmer of Summer Hill
Parke of Dunally
Parker of Castle Lough
Parnell of Avondale
Patrick of Dunminning
Paul, Baronets (extinct)
Pennefather of Rathsallagh
Pennington of Thickthorn
Penrose of Shandangan
Peppard of Cappagh House
Pepper of Ballygarth
Pepper of Lisanisky
Perceval of Temple House
Perrier of Cork
Perry of Woodrooff
Persse of Roxborough
Persse of Moyode
Petrie, Baronets
Peyton of Laheen
Peyton of Driney House
Phillips of Glenview
Phillips-Conn of Mount Ida
Piers, Baronets
Pigott of Slevoy
Pigott of Eagle Hill
Pigott, Baronets
Pile, Baronets
Pilkington of Tore
Poe of Harley Park
Poe of Riverston and Derrinvohill
Poe of Solsborough
Poer of Gurteen, de la
Poer of Belleville Park
Pollard-Urquhart of Castle Pollard
Pollock of Mountainstown
Pollok of Lismany
Ponsonby of Inchiquin [Talbot-Ponsonby of I.]
Poole of Mayfield
Pooler of Tyross
Portarlington, Earls of, [Dawson-Damer]
Porter of Kilskeery
Pounden of Ballywalter House
Powell of Clonshavoy
Power of Faithlegg
Power of Snow Hill
Power of Roe Buck Haouse, Baronets (extinct)
Power of Kilfane, Baronets (extinct)
Pratt of Cabra Castle
Preston of Bellinter
Preston of Swainston
Price of Saintfield
Purcell of Altamira
Purcell of Burton House
Purdon of Tinerana
Purdon of Curristown
Purdon of Lisnabin
Purefoy of Greenfield
Putland of Brayhead
Puxley of Dunboy Castle
Ranfurly, Earls of, [Knox]
Rathdonnell, Barons , [McClintock-Bunbury]
Reilly of Scarvagh [O'Reilly of Sc.]
Rendlesham, Barons , [Thellusson]
Richardson-Bunbury, Baronets
Roberts of Brightfieldstown, Baronets
Roche, Baronets
Roden, Earls of, [Jocelyn]
Roper-Caldbeck of Moyle Park
Ross of Dunmoyle, Baronets (extinct)
Rosse, Earls of, [Parsons]
Rossmore, Barons , [Westenra]
Savage-Armstrong of Corratinner
Sefton, Earls of (extinct), [Molyneux]
Shannon, Earls of, [Boyle]
Sharman-Crawford of Crawfordsburn
Shaw of Bushy Park, Baronets
Sligo, Marquesses of, [Browne]
Smiley, Baronets
Somerville, Baronets (extinct)
Southwell, Viscounts
St. George, Baronets
Stafford-King-Harman, Baronets
Stamer, Baronets
Staples, Baronets
Stewart of Ramelton, Baronets
Stewart of Athenree, Baronets
Stronge, Baronets
Sullivan of Tullylease [O'Sullivan]
Sullivan of Curramore
Sullivan of Garryduff, Baronets (extinct)
Synge, Baronets
Talbot of Malahide, Barons
Talbot-Crosbie of Ardfert Abbey
Teignmouth, Barons , [Shore]
Templetown, Viscounts , [Upton]
Trimlestown, Barons , [Barnewall]
Tuite, Baronets
Valentia, Viscounts , [Annesley]
Ventry, Barons , [Eveleigh-de-Moleyns]
Verner, Baronets (extinct)
Vesci, Viscounts de, [Vesey]
Voeux, Baronets des (extinct)
Walker of Pembroke House, Baronets
Waller of Newport, Baronets
Warren, Baronets
Waterford, Marquesses of, [Beresford]
Weldon, Baronets
Westmeath, Earls of, [Nugent]
Westropp-Dawson of Charlesfort
Wicklow, Earls of (extinct), [Forward-Howard]
Wogan-Browne of Castle Browne
Wolseley of Mount Wolseley, Baronets
Wright-Armstrong of Killylea
Wrixon-Becher, Baronets
Young of Bailieborough Castle, Baronets